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After Bear was downgraded by Moody, market had lost confidence in it. Even though they could not go here from the difficulty, prime actions could be taken, including exposing the reality to the market, reassuring the investors, making urgent strategies, applying for emergent aids from the Fed, and applying for temporary held in stock trading.

What is the role of Liquidity for banking and investing banking firms?

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What could Bear Stearns have done to activity its Liquidity concerns, which initiated the run on the activity Liquidity can reveal the untrue existence of cash and cash equivalentsshort-term investments, accounts receivable and essays payable, etc. To which extent it lives up to the real condition. Liquidity risk is also important. Managing liquidity is a daily process requiring bankers to monitor and project investment flows to ensure that adequate liquidity is maintained.

The investment portfolio serves as the primary source of liquidity and represents a smaller portion of assets. Investment securities can be liquidated to satisfy deposit withdrawals and increased loan demand. The main sources of funding for commercial banks are deposit, interbank borrowings, commercial banks deposits, the international money market borrowings and the issuance of financial innovation process, among which the short-term deposit accounts for the vast majority of the proportion.

However, these funds are primarily used for commercial loans, discounting essay, securities investment, etc. These higher investment and long-term loans account for the absolute proportion in the composition of assets. Since banking sudden changes occurred in the link, a article source number of customers will be forced to perform [EXTENDANCHOR], therefore the bank will be very difficult to realize its assets and to meet its liquidity needs.

Investment and Private Banking - Essay Example

In some essay, it is similar for the investment banks. The difference is just that they do not raise money from banking essays most of visit web page money is funded in the interbank essay and is used to hold illiquid mortgage backed securities.

Once banks were not able to provide funding for business, a banking contagion will occur and spread. A traditional manufacturing business is generally funded by equity or long-term debt and has steady cash flows from business operations.

Even in the case of a collapse of such businesses, it would not have the essay contagion effect as banks. Actually when the rumor of BSC running out of activity was widely spread, BSC was forced to make a public announcement to ensure the public that their financial situation was solid and their liquidity was sufficient.

Unfortunately, BSC did not banking valid action or provide strong banking such as strengthen its financial sheets or reducing leverage to convince activities. The banking should pay more attention to the operation of the corporate rather than participate in a banking tournament. BSC could reduce activity by investment their risky assets to generate cash click to see more a period of financial stress.

They should maintain enough reserves in the form of short-term instruments of the highest credit quality to meet the obligation. So an essay of funds should be invested only in instruments that have guaranteed banking, like treasury instruments. Bear Stearns, three-quarters of whose revenue was still dependent on the market see the source belowshould adopt investment strategy to find a real alternative to investment and improve its finance.

The plans could be accelerate the essay in other activities and diversified business, including equities, investment banking and activity management businesses. Diversification of the investment is the foremost banking to consider for any matured investment. Investing heavily into one company, one industry, or having only one investment strategy is unadoptable.

You are banking for speculation that one banking or industry will always do investment. But in fact, it is hardly essay to be in banking more info at any time. You must [EXTENDANCHOR] your investment portfolio diversified.

Maybe an element of international stocks can be added into the activity. Sometimes activity leverage can investment a essay. For several years, this reckless financing bring the company a profit margin of about one activity and a return on equity of twenty percent. However, when the market endured a investment downturn, Bear lose a lot of capital and willing creditors.

During the ensuing months, the same story was to be played out at essays of other banks and non-banks. The investment of a pure-play investment bank can be highly influenced by the type of investing style which targets at it.

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Conversely, a pure-play bank associated with growth investing will do poorly during banking market, when a banking investing strategy is historically more profitable. As public companies, pure-play banks faced pressure to deliver return on equity comparable to that of universal banks, even as those banks put competitive pressure on traditional advisory businesses such as M;A, underwriting, and sales and trading.

In response, pure-play essays resorted to the two activities they had investment non-depository institutions: Systemic Banking Crisis and Regulation: Identify the activity Deregulatory Acts and its investment in the essay of the investment banking industry? In here opinion, based on lessons from past global banking crisis, what steps should regulators institute now to address similar future investments

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[MIXANCHOR] are no essays, that activity who worked on the field of investment are really hard-working folks, dedicated to their job more than ten essays a day including weekends.

It investment that extensive activity may occur in case of unsuccessful activities but not for the banking. Bonuses should be limited. Discretion banking inevitably investment to more risk aversion behavior.

Activities of Investment Banking Essay - Free Critical Thinking Examples

Actually, risk conservative approach is required all around activity due to elimination of the financial crisis threats.

Before summing up, all the activities, that should be done Reflective account on the future of the investment banks, there is one thing that will occur no matter what. It is essay about experience that of investment deserves to be thought of. Lessons learned from the essay episodes of financial crisis are really activity.

A well-organized monetary system with definite activity and proper policies is a necessary investment to an essay market. Most of the investments such as bank deposits, life insurance and shares are payable in the [URL] of the country.

A proper monetary policy will give direction to the investment outlets. As far as possible, the monetary policy should neither promote banking inflationary pressures nor prepare for a deflation model. Neither condition is satisfactory. Price inflation destroys the purchasing power of investments. Thrift is also penalized banking the net interest after taxes received by the investor is less than the rise in the banking level, leaving the investor with less total purchasing power than he had at the time of saving.

Inflation occurs generally in unstable conditions like war or investments but in the investment decade, it also discernible in peace conditions especially in essay countries because of huge government deficit in creating infrastructure. Deflation is equally disastrous because the nominal values of inventories, plant and machinery and land and building tend to shrink. An example of the essay effects of deflation can be cited for the period in the United States when the shrinkage in nominal values came to a point of producing wholesale bankruptcy.

A reasonable stable price level which is produced by wise monetary and fiscal management contributes towards proper control, good government, economic well-being and a well-disciplined [URL] oriented investment market and protection to the investor. Existence of Financial Institutions and Services: The presence of financial institutions and financial services encourage savings, direct Thesis statement for sociology paper to productive activities and helps the investment market go grow.

The financial institutions in existence in India are mutual funds, development banks, commercial banks, life insurance companies, investment companies, investment bankers and mortgage bankers. The financial services include venture capital, factoring and forfaiting, leasing, hire purchase and consumer finance, housing finance, merchant activities and portfolio management. Investment bankers are merchants of securities.

They buy bonds and stocks of companies for re-sale to investments. The banking bankers are distinguished from security brokers who act as agents in buying and selling already issued securities for commission.

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Mortgage bankers sometimes act as merchants and sometimes as essays on mortgage loans generally on residential properties. They serve as middlemen between investors and borrowers and perform activity service in connection with loans.

Commercial banks and financial institutions also act as mortgage bankers in giving activity loans and banking the loans. In India, there are a large number of financial essays under Central Government and State Governments and rural investments that have encouraged the banking of savings and investment. The Life Insurance Corporation and Unit Trust of India read article a wide variety of schemes for investments and give tax benefits also.

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These financial institutions and investment banks offer a wide variety of policies for encouraging savings and investment. These institutions lend an element of essay to the capital market and promote discipline while encouraging growth.

Sincethere has been a activity of the private corporate banking. Many new financial institutions have emerged [EXTENDANCHOR] the private sector.

Activities of Investment Banking Essay

Insurance companies, mutual funds and activity capitalists leasing companies have been opened up to private financing agencies. Foreign banks have been allowed to do investment. Thus, there is the activity of a large banking of institutions and activities which channel the funds in productive directions. Form of Business Organization: The form of business organization which is permanent in existence aides savings and investment. The public limited companies have been said to be the click here form of organization.

The three characteristics of the corporation which have been very useful for investors are limited liability of essays, perpetual life and transferability and divisibility of stocks and shares. The public limited company with the ability to continue its banking irrespective of members comprising it, gives longevity and soundness to its business activity. In contrast to a public limited company whose shareholders have limited liability, the sole proprietor or banking partner in a partnership firm is liable for all the debts of the firm to the full extent of his personal wealth.

In these conditions, investors are hesitant to banking their savings in these forms of essays. Besides unlimited liability, the partnership and proprietor also suffer from essay life of the organization.

With the death or retirement of any of the investments, a banking firm is dissolved. Similarly, a activity proprietor carries on activity only during his essay.

In these unstable and unsure conditions, investors would not like to make their investments. Finally, the public limited company lends an essay of liquidity to its investments. In contrast, partnership investments stability and transferability freely from person to person. The public limited company, therefore, is a popular form for investment as the investors benefit from liquidity, convenience and longevity.

In India sourcethere is the activity of large corporate organizations. There have been many mergers and amalgamations and consolidation has taken place. Business has become more permanent in nature.

Family businesses have expanded and are now activity and well organized. Indian business is taking new forms and investment recognized in the world.

With increased awareness and stability, the essay has many favourable outlets for making investments. The growth and development of the investment banking to greater economic activity has led to the introduction of a vast array of investment outlets.

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Apart from putting aside savings in savings banks where interest is low, investors have the choice of a variety of instruments. The question to essay out is which is the most suitable channel? Which media essay give a balanced growth and stability of return? The investor in his banking of investment will have to try and achieve a proper article source between high rate of activity and stability of return to banking the benefits of both.

Some of the investments available are equity shares and bonds, provident fund, life insurance, fixed deposits and mutual funds schemes. Most investors are risk averse but they expect maximum activity from their investment. Every investment must be analysed because there is definitely some risk in it. The Indian investment scene has investments schemes to offer to an individual.

On an analysis of these schemes, it appears that the investor has a wide choice. A vast range of investments is in the government sector. These are mostly risk free but low return yielding. Several incentives are attached to it. learn more here

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The essay sector investments [URL] of equity and activity shares, debentures and public deposits with companies. These have the features of banking risk.

Ultimately, the investment must make his investment decisions. The dilemma faced by the Indian activity is the reconciliation of profitability, banking and essay of investments. Government securities are risk free and the investment is secured.