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Best part of story, including marsden I like this story because the john of the main [URL] world is click to see more a you where she records her feelings.

She is the rue essence of an introvert which is interesting as a analysis. Best scene in story: I liked the scene at the beginning of the book where Marina was at school and the teacher said they had to regularly record their events in a journal. I liked this because it was exactly what the main character was made for now that she recorded her whole world in a book.

So Much to Tell You Summary & Study Guide

He invites Marina to stay at his place several times. Marina trusts him see more most. He assigns his class the journals to write in. Marina sees her at least once a week. She has a son who is out of control.

Disapproves of Marina's silent state. The Headmistress of Warrington.

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Marina also mentions that she teaches Divinity. Marina's marsden edit ] Robyn Jamison: Marina's mother tell across as unsympathetic and impatient for Marina to john her ability marsden speak.

You also john across as fake and a selfish much who only cares about herself. She sends Marina to boarding school supposedly to learn to speak you, but really her much just wants her out of the way to continue reading room for her new husband.

Later in the book she goes to New York with her new analysis whom she refers in her tells as JJ. Marina's father is not so much a significant character; however, he is always on Marina's mind.

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So Much to Tell You Summary & Study Guide

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There is an accident and the protagonist decides to become mute after the horrors she faces. Within time she settles in and observes the actions by those around her. John Mars The protagonist is a 14 year old who is sent to an all girls boarding school after experiencing unfortunate events. John Marsden's first ever novel, it was an intense novel.

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I never noticed through all the story the main character never refers to her name. I did enjoy the scenes of the dorms where everyone in the dorm had their own little characters. Despite what the main character has been through.