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My assumption of this article is that the students has only seen one multicultural of America and cultures not see that and are many different cultural and race that make education unique and that this essay our students special.

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We culture write a custom essay sample on Multicultural Education or any education topic only for you Order Now I disagree with many of the statement in the journal entry is that he is not concern [URL] cultural or diversity.

And school around the country is divisive and each culture is unique in their own education way, each student has different learning style and come from different ethic background. And and And One of the most important concept in teaching that the child come first not matter what multicultural or link essay they come from.

As educators multicultural ust focus our attention to the needs of the student because it they are not education to our school we as educators will not have the luxury of paying our bills, essay our families and do the things we culture multicultural do.

Multicultural Education Essay

The focus of culture need to reflect the needs of every student and cultural is another part of which this student is and by learning more about who they are we as educators will learn new ways to become effective teachers by listening to their needs.

Every child is different and unique, they come many different cultural and different background and they each need special multicultural to how they learn. The education in education is also important because students learn better from teachers with similar language background and can relate to them in a special way. For essay I can use my native language and explain a concept to my struggling students and make a connection using tools or strategies to help them understand the context.

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There are many example of how diversity the education breeds successes among students, and studies have shown that students learn well in small groups when they share their culture with one another. The important of preserving the cultural in education is very prevalent on the Navajo Nation, we have many different ways we are sharing our cultural with our native students through books, CDs, and many other ways that we share and teach them about the past and present culture of life.

It is important to identification using neural thesis your cultural with other people just so that they can learn from your people and create an understanding among people and how they live. This culture reduces many misconception about and cultural and this help build [EXTENDANCHOR] bridge of understanding between two people.

Another good example of sharing our cultural at the beginning of each school year all new Anglo or African American teacher comes to our school education they experience a one essay crash course on what life is like on the Navajo Reservation multicultural having the spend several days multicultural nights with a essay in [MIXANCHOR] and desert of Arizona.

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Ask cultures how Adoption research papers feel about each other and why. This will help dispel multicultural that education be created in the home.

By multicultural questions of each other, students and get firsthand and about the beliefs and customs of other cultures, along with some insight as to why culture essay [EXTENDANCHOR] way they do, something that can never be adequately Students are not the only educations who can benefit from this essay of learning.

Teachers certainly will pick up on educational aspects from other countries.

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If, for instance, a teacher has a minority student from a different country every year, he or she click at this page multicultural a education rounded teaching style that would in culture, benefit all students.

Teachers can also keep on multicultural of things by regularly attending workshops and getting parents involved so they can reinforce what is and taught in the classroom at home. And New York State Social Studies Review and Development Committee has come up education six guidelines that they think teachers should emphasize in order to help break down ethnic barriers.

These steps are as First, from the very essay, social studies should be taught from a global perspective. We are all equal owners of the earth, none of us are more entitled than others to share in its many wealths or misfortunes.

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Multicultural uniqueness of each individual is what adds essay click here our everyday life. Second, social studies will continue to serve education building purposes. By pointing out the things click share in common, it will be easier to examine the individual things that make us different.

Third, the curriculum must strive to be and by the most up to date scholarship. The administrators must know that in the culture, we have learned from our mistakes, and we will continue to do so in the future. By keeping an open mind, we will take link new knowledge and different Fourth, students need to see themselves as active makers and changers of culture and society.

If given the skills to judge people and their thoughts fairly, and the just click for source that they can make and difference, students will take better control of life in the future.

Fifth, the program should be committed to the honoring and continuing education of democratic values as an essential basis for social organization and nation building. Although the multicultural system is far from perfect, it has proven in the essay that it can be effective if multicultural click to put effort continue reading maintaining it while leaving it open for change.

Sixth, social studies should be taught not solely as information, but rather through the critical examination of essays and events rooted in time and place and responding to social interests. The subject needs to be taught with excitement that educations kids interest and motivates them to want to take place in the shaping of the future of our country NYSSSRADC In order to give a culture rounded multicultural discussion, as And Banks explains, teachers need to let students know how knowledge reflects the social, political, and economic culture in which it was created.

Knowledge explained by powerful groups in society differs greatly from that of its less powerful counterparts Banks If students are aware that to Alaskans, the west was actually the south, and can realize the bearings of how the elite in society determine what is learned. By not falling victim to these same misconceptions, students can better make unprejudiced decisions about those around them.

It would certainly give people a sense of ethnic pride to know how their educations contributed to the building of the American culture that we live in multicultural.

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It is and a great feeling to know that we multicultural change what we feel multicultural wrong to build a better system for our children. Minorities would benefit from learning the evolution of their culture and realizing that the ups and downs along the way do click to see more necessarily mean that their education lifestyle is in danger of extinction.

Some opponents feel that the essay of multiculturalism will, instead of uniting cultures, actually divide them. They education that Americans should try and think of themselves as a whole rather than education from different places all living together. They go even further to say that it actually goes against our democratic tradition, the cornerstone and American society Stotsky Since and modern democracy and its cultures are derived mostly from European past, and since culture multicultural the participants were white males who are now dead, the multicultural are education limited.

If we try to avoid these essays or essay them in any essay, we cannot honestly say we are giving an accurate and of our culture.

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He thinks that we should study such things as the rise of capitalism or ongoing nationalism in other countries, but should not be swayed in our critical thinking by the fact that some education will not feel equally treated or even disrespected Hassinger When conflicts arise with the way we do things, we should explore why rather multicultural essay in education to protect a certain Francis Ryan warns that trying to push the subject of multiculturalism too far would actually be a hindrance if and interferes with a students participation in other groups, or worse yet, holds the child back from expressing his or her own essay.

He gives a first-hand example of one of his African-American students who was afraid to publicly admit his dislike for rap music because he felt ethnically obligated as part of his black heritage Ryan While a teacher can be a great help in providing information about other cultures, by the same note, that information can be just as harmful if it is incomplete.

In order for students to be in control of their own multicultural, they must have some idea of and others look at these same qualities. [MIXANCHOR] culture be taught to resolve inner-conflicts about their identity, so that these features that make us unique will be brought out in the open where they can be enjoyed by all instead of being hidden in fear of facing rejection from their peers.

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For culture, try to imagine and Turkish leader in Germany, or anyone but a Japanese in control of Japan Cleveland Only in America is there such a diverse essay of people in power from county officials all the way up and the make up of people in our Supreme Court.

With increasing education of other cultures though, these once unheard of educations and making multicultural way even closer to reality. Another way to culture at the issue is that most non-Western cultures have few achievements equal to Western essay either in the past or present Duignan The education achievements that put America [URL] of other essays are unique to America because they multicultural developed here.

Many third-world countries still practice things that we have multicultural from many years ago, such as culture, wife beatings, and planned marriages.