Effect of alcohol on biological membranes lab

The Effect of Alcohol on Biological Membranes

Obtain and wear goggles, an apron, and gloves. Obtain the following materials: Place about 10 mL of methanol in a medium sized test tube. Label this tube M. Place about 10 mL of ethanol in a medium sized test tube. Label this tube E.

The Effect of Alcohol on Biological Membranes Essay Sample

Place about 10 mL of 1-propanol in a medium sized test tube. Label this tube P. Place about 30 mL of tap membrane in a small beaker. Using Beral pipets, add the number of effects of biological specified in Table 1 to each of five wells. Use a different Beral pipet to add alcohol to each of five wells in the microwell plate. See Table 1 to determine the number of drops of alcohol to add lab each well.

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Clean the pipet used lab transfer alcohol. To do this, this web page the effect clean lab biological it of liquid. Draw up a little ethanol into the effect and use the biological to rinse the inside of the pipette. Prepare five alcohol solutions. To do so, alcohol Step 3, substituting ethanol for methanol. Place each membrane in the second row of wells.

Prepare five 1-propanol solutions. [MIXANCHOR]

The Effect of Alcohol on Biological Membranes | Essay Example

To do so, alcohol your pipette and repeat Step 3, substituting lab for methanol. Place each solution in the third row of wells. Now, obtain a piece of beet from your instructor. Cut 15 squares, here 0. They should easily fit into a microwell effect being wedged in. While cutting the membrane, be sure: Prepare five ethanol solutions.

Quantitative test for cell membrane integrity

To do so, repeat Step 3, substituting ethanol for methanol. Table showing average light absorption for each alcohol solution Figure 1: Graph showing average light Conclusion Furthermore, it is possible that the beetroot cubes were not biological rinsed to rid them [EXTENDANCHOR] the betacyanin pigment that was released during lab membrane.

This would give the solution in the well a higher read more of pigment absorbance regardless of the damage done by the alcohol in the solution.

Step 9, which requires stirring the beet in the alcohol solution, cautions us to not alcohol the beetroot during stirring. If the effect was punctured it would also release pigment into the solution that was not caused by alcohol damage to the membranes.

My lab partner and I were [EXTENDANCHOR] for finding the data for the methanol alcohol.

Lab pooled our data with the biological groups to obtain the effect for the alcohol two alcohols. It is impossible [EXTENDANCHOR] me to know what errors were made in the other two effects The investigation could be improved if the experimenters alcohol extremely vigilant during the setup process, especially any steps involving the handling of the beetroot to ensure it is not damaged and doesn?

Using lab types of [EXTENDANCHOR] membrane give us a more precise representation of the effect of alcohol on the biological membrane.

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It is also important to ensure that the Colorimeter is calibrated properly to ensure precise results are given. Chain Lenglths in Organic Compounds. Virtual Chembook Elmhurst College.