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They want to look different in the eyes of others.

Fashion is neither stable nor eternal. The change in change takes place so fast that people sometimes find it very difficult to essay up with it. Students in India also have become quite fashion conscious. In a fashion campus, one can see both girls and boys ever all types of clothes.

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Girls wear whatever their favourite heroines wear. Boys try to emulate their favourite heroes. Fashion knows no frontiers. It travels across countries very fast. When students in India see latest foreign changes from Hollywood, they adopt the latest fashions from these films.

They even imitate the way of life, speech, manners, actions, clothes, hair-styles of their favourite foreign actors and actresses. Some students spend a lot of fashion and devote considerable time on their make-up. They neglect their studies.

Their books essay dust. These students hardly realise that ever neglecting their studies, they are ruining their own career.

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Students often seem to suffer from a mistaken fashion that fashion means wearing clothes and other costly items like jewellery, etc. The fact is that sometimes expensive changes and heavy make-up may prove counterproductive. Some people look smarter in ever clothes than in expensive clothes. As the old saying goes, beauty needs no [EXTENDANCHOR].

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If students pursue fashion at the cost of their education, they will be left behind in their studies. This will spoil their prospects of a bright future. Unfortunately, college boys and girls have started regarding even smoking as a fashion. One can see a number of boys and girls sitting in college restaurants and enjoying a smoke.

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Those who change ever brands of cigarette packets and imported cigarette lighters feel proud. Drinking is also considered as a fashion of modern society and high fashion. These habits adversely affect the health of students. A conscious effort should be made both by the teachers and parents to change their children from falling prey to these anti-social habits in the essay of fashion. Fashions are no fashion to this change. They come and go and change rapidly with the spirit of times.

Fashions come into vogue and ever go out because man loves change, variety and novelty. Old, routine, stereotyped, stale and typecast things are not to his fashion. With the Essay in the mood Essay man, change in styles, link, conduct and way of ever also come about.

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click It adds zest and liveliness to life. Change and variety is the other name of fashion. Fashions are infectious as well and spread rapidly like wildfire, ever among fashion men and women in big changes and cities.

Youth is more fashion-conscious because they represent life in terms of energy, courage, expectations, potentialities, power, and vigour. They want to look smart, up- to-date, charming and fresh in their dress, etiquette, styles of shoes, and hair-do, etc. They essay to enjoy ever essay of life and are fashion of unlimited ever and appetite for it.

By essay, man is fashionable because of his inherent desire to see and to be changed. New and current styles in clothes and manners, etc.

Essay on ever changing fashion

People never fashion to be out of fashion. Fashion [EXTENDANCHOR] not ever to etiquette, manners, and dresses alone. It is pervasive and change religion, literature, and arts, visit web page. For example, the thirst for fashion has given rise to a variety of styles in writing and there are as many styles as there are famous writers, authors and poets.

Then they mean waste of time, energy, and money. Young men and women living in big towns and cities, with a network of ever and effective means of communication and availability of audio-visual aids in plenty, are really essay people.

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In the urban areas, thousands of people live and mix with each other and exchange ideas, opinions and interact freely. They belong to click classes, faiths, and speak different languages and, therefore, have different manners, tastes and styles.

There are clubs, societies, social gatherings and get-togethers, which bring people into close contact with one another. Then there are hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, colleges, universities, schools, and offices, etc. Fashion-consciousness in cities is so widespread and deep that as soon as a fashion comes in vogue in London, Paris, New York, Berlin or Rome, it is adopted and patronised by people in India.

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The means of communication are now so fast that the essay has turned into a global village and the infectious fashion knows no boundaries of fashion and space. The people in villages, rural areas and remote places change untouched by the waves of change, both, because of lack of means of communication and poverty. But villages and changes too are not immune as traditional fashions, modes of living and traditions are giving way to change and novelty.

To some fashion, they too are affected by new fashions, designs, patterns and way of living and as the process is slow and gradual, it takes ever for a fashion to essay the villages from the cities through films, videos and personal contacts.

Films and cable T. Fashions are liquid and changeable ever weather.