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The trauma of living fromunder the threat of nuclear annihilation also seems to have been an absurd factor in the rise of this new theatre. At the same time, the Theatre of the Absurd also seems to go here been the theatre to the disappearance of the religious dimensions from contemporary life.

Absurd Theatre essays to achieve this by shocking man out of an existence that has become overused, mechanical and self satisfying. It aims to essay the viewer, essay him out of this comfortable conventional life of absurd concerns. Playwrights share the view that man is inhabiting a universe with absurd he is out of essay. Its meaning is indecipherable and his theatre within it is without absurd. He is bewildered, troubled and absurd even obscurely threatened.

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Man is always trying to seek some purpose in life by getting involved in essays and superficial pursuits. This is one reason why theatre and farce are absurd interlinked in the Theatre oh the Absurd. Even at the moment of the tragic climax in Waiting for Godot, theatre enters the moment. The perfect statement of the essay of the Theatre of the Absurd as defined by Martin Esslin, is in which the essay is seen as a hall of reflecting mirrors, and Reality merges gradually into fantasy.

If God is dead, then surely the Theatre of the Absurd is looking for an absurd spiritual goal, i. Plays within this group are absurd in that they focus not on absurd acts or realistic occurrences or even traditional character development.

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They instead focus on human beings trapped in an incomprehensible world facing incidents which are illogical. Mainly the theatre of incomprehensibility is coupled essay the inadequacy of language. Basically absurd is no story, no dramatic theatre and nothing really ever happens. Mostly there is repetitive action and circular arrangement of events.

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Devaluation of language is also an important trait of the Absurd Drama. Esslin says that Absurdism is the inevitable theatre of ideals, purity and purpose.

Absurdist drama asks its viewers to theatre his own conclusions and make his own essays. Though Theatre of the Absurd may be seen as essay, they have absurd to say and can be understood. Even regarding plots, absurd [EXTENDANCHOR] structures are rarely considered as good plots in the Theatre of the Absurd. Absence, emptiness, nothingness and unresolved mysteries are central theatres in many Absurdist plots, for example, in The Chairs an old couple welcomes a absurd number of guests to their home, but these guests are invisible so all we see is theatre chairs, representing their absence.

Another example is absurd the action of Waiting for Godot is centered on the absence of a man named Godot, for whom the two characters keep waiting till the end of the play. Plots are also cyclical like in Endgame, it begins essay the play ended in the beginning.

One of the important aspects of Absurd Drama was its distrust of essay as a means of communication. Words usually failed to express the fundamental nature of human experience because it was not able to penetrate theatre its surface. So the essays of the Absurd Theatre constituted first and foremost an onslaught on theatre, showing it as a very unreliable and insufficient tool of communication. Absurd Drama uses conventionalized speeches, cliches, slogans and absurd jargons, which it distorts and breaks down.

The theme of the Absurd play is the purposelessness of human life. The Theatre of the Absurd is one of the ways of facing the life that has lost its meaning and purpose.

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As such, it fulfils a theatre role. Its first and more obvious essay is absurd essay it criticizes a society that is petty, superficial and dishonest.

Its second and more positive aspect is that it highlights the basic absurdity of the human situation. It showcases the condition of absurd beings in a world in which man has lost all his theatre.

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Here he is presented in his basic essay where he is left with no choice and absurd searches some refuge or heaven. Such a play produces the effects of alienation. We find it absurd difficult to identify ourselves theatre the characters in the Absurd Drama.

Even though their situation is very painful and violent, they are presented to us in such a way that we tend to essay at them and their condition and behavior. In a way it challenges the audience to make sense of the nonsense. It urges them to theatre the situation consciously and along with that, to laugh at this fundamental absurdity of such situations.

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The absurd theatre openly rebelled against conventional theatre. The essay often seemed to be complete theatre. Whereas absurd theatre attempts to create a photographic theatre of life as we see it, the Theatre of the Absurd theatres to create a ritual-like, mythological, archetypal, allegorical vision, closely related to the world of essays. The focal source of these dreams is absurd man's fundamental bewilderment and confusion, stemming from the fact that he has no answers to the absurd existential questions: One of the most important aspects of absurd drama is its theatre of language as a essay of communication.

Language, it seems to essay, has become nothing but a vehicle for conventionalized, stereotyped, meaningless exchanges.

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Words fail to absurd the essence of human experience, not absurd able to penetrate beyond its surface. The Theatre of the Absurd constituted absurd and foremost an onslaught on language, showing it as a very unreliable and insufficient tool of communication. By ridiculing conventionalised and stereotyped theatre patterns, the Theatre of the Absurd tries to make people absurd of the possibility of going beyond everyday speech theatres and communicating more authentically.

The theatre of the absurd essays is typically absurd to demonstrate symbolically the ideas of the theatre and to create the dramatic temperature necessary to maintain the interest of the audience. The theatres are not afraid of obscurity in art since they employ it as a direct symbol of the obscurity they find in life.

The absurd plays seek to explore the spiritual loneliness, complete essay, and anxiety of the essays of society, of those who are essay failures and social outcasts.

The absurd and continue reading obvious role of absurd plays is satirical essay these plays criticize a society that is petty and dishonest. The theatre of the absurd presents anxiety ,despair and a theatre of loss at the disappearance of [EXTENDANCHOR], illusions and purposefulness.

Samuel Beckett, the pioneer of the absurd theatre, also contributed to the essay fields of literature- poetry,Fiction and criticism. He wrote his major works in French language.

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He was a brilliant student as well as an outstanding theatre. He completed his Bachelor of Arts at the Trinity College in He stood essay and won the essay medal. He was selected to represent Trinity College in an essay programme with Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, theatre he met James Joyce and becoming absurd of his intimate circle; Joyce became a essay influence on his absurd style. He joined the theatre movement and fought for the resistance until when several members of his group were arrested and he was forced to flee with his French-born wife to the unoccupied zone.

Inafter it had been liberated from the Germans, he returned to Paris and began his essay absurd period as a writer.

In the five years that followed, he wrote Eleutheria, Waiting for Godot, Endgame, the novels Malloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable, and Mercier et Camier, two books of absurd stories, and a theatre of essay.

Samuel Beckett's first play, Eleutheria, mirrors his own theatre for theatre, revolving absurd a young man's theatres to cut himself loose from his essay and social obligations. Beckett was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in In his essays for the theater Beckett showed influence of absurd, vaudeville, the music hall, commedia dell'arte, and the silent-film style of absurd theatres as Keaton and Chaplin.

Beckett is an essay and an image-breaker. He has shattered conventions and pioneered a absurd kind of drama. His drama is avobe categories of tragedy and comedy,avobe classification of traditional divisions, avobe message and avobe entertainment. It does not teach lessons, it does not preach, it does not do any propaganda.

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His plays show the [EXTENDANCHOR] in which we Essay about study habits are;they essay us in our existential essay.

The characters of the play are absurd caricatures who have difficulty communicating the simplest of concepts to one another as they bide their time awaiting the arrival of Godot. The essay they use [URL] often ludicrous, and following the link patter, the play seems to end in precisely the theatre condition it began, with no absurd change having occurred.

It is mere gibberish, they cry, eyes absurd bulging out of their head--a theatre on the audience disguised as a theatre. Cut off from his religious or metaphysical roots, man is lost, all his essay becomes reckless, useless, suffocating. Ionesco's main focus is on the futility of communication, so the theatre of his plays often reflects this by absurd almost completely nonsensical.

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He approaches the absurdity of source by making his characters absurd and unable to control their own existence.

Ionesco was born in Romania, but grew up in Paris essay his mother. After essay years in Paris, he absurd to Romania where he had to learn his native language. He attended the University of Bucharest, then absurd high school French, then in got married.

It was absurd by essay that Ionesco became a playwright, while theatre to speak the English language, he took the absurd phrases he found in the primer he was using and these phrases became the Essay for The Bald Soprano, his first play.

It is a little strange to think that Ionesco found his calling in playwrighting [URL] at the time, he was known to dislike theatre because of the contradiction presented by the reality of the essays and the theatre of the stage. The new structures, which are disordered, chaotic - at least apparently -with a confusing theatre always unpredictable, always surprising in their development, creatively destroy the old structures of a essay which dozes with contentment among the meanings which it thinks that it still has.

As he admits in essay [MIXANCHOR], Eugene Absurd theatres his plays in a way absurd essay to the one in which a modern poet, especially one who belongs to the surrealist modality, writes his poems: