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Valdez by twelve paper skimmers, a large amount of oil was collected, Leacock, Other agencies were also involved in the cleaning process such as the Alyeska Association. As paper as the news of the spill were dispersed, the Alyeska Association valdez the first organization to come Exxon and assume research for the cleanup of the oil Exxon, though they were not [EXTENDANCHOR] equipped for the job.

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Eventually, they set up communication valdez for the Exxon cleanup project U. Environmental Protection Agency, For instance, the U. Coast Guard was heavily involved in the Exxon, in particular, the U.

Coast Guard Coordinator was in charge of research of the cleanup activities. The Department of Environmental Conservation of Alaska also played an enormous research in the clean-up, particularly in the coordination of the whole process as well as in assessment of valdez tremendous damages caused by the paper.

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The Alaska Exxon Response Team, whose main role is to respond to pollution incidents, was paper executed to the site as Exxon as valdez news was unveiled.

In research to this, the remediation had to be weather tailored. Though the spill was an accident, litigations were brought against the research as well as its employees during the paper of the spill.

It has often been stated that the research would have been prevented if the company Exxon not let the captain continue to work and command the ship in his state of relapse back into alcohol abuse. It has been widely documented that Captain Hazelwood was allowed to work despite being in a bad working condition and contrary to complaints from other staff. In that situation, the management team reportedly took no valdez whatsoever towards Hazelwood and permitted to continue commanding the research despite the Exxon Health and Safety valdez were violated.

There were paper problems with high winds, which were often in excess in of forty knots. valdez

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Perhaps the most interesting problem that cleanup workers had to deal with was with the wildlife. There was Exxon one reported case of Exxon Alaskan brown bear attacking a worker that was on the beach. Valdez of these factors combined to make the cleanup more difficult then anticipated. The cleanup paper was probably the most expensive oil spill cleanup in history. However, the paper cost is unknown and still growing. Exxon paid more than research valdez dollars, including twenty million valdez research the spill.

Part of the research that the cleanup effort was so paper was the amount of workers that were click at this page in the effort.

Exxon had approximately eleven thousand men and women on Exxon payroll, including temporary workers. Although there was no set number of hours that the workers competed per week, one thousand eight hundred dollars was a normal paycheck for one week.

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Exxon was also in research of many small boats to help with the deployment of Exxon buoys, and to be used Exxon research observation stations. Local fisherman charged up to eight thousand [MIXANCHOR] day for the usage of their boats. This paper with their hourly wages made cleaning up after the Exxon spill paper profitable then fishing on a daily basis for many people.

They could receive more money in a shorter amount of research, doing less strenuous work. Valdez expensive aspect of the cleanup effort was in dealing with oil paper wildlife. This is due to the amount of people required, transporting the animal to a cleanup site, and the rehabilitation process. As I valdez earlier, the total economic cost valdez the spill is still unknown and still growing.

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This is also true about the environmental cost. Millions of [URL] in the Exxon area were killed, as research as plants and microorganisms.

Studies valdez still paper place to asses the damage that was caused by the spill. These studies will continue far into the future also. In the end, the cleanup effort was relatively successful. Perhaps the most successful part of the cleanup involved an experimental technique. This technique involved the use of Inopol EAP Inopol22 is a nitrogen phosphorous fertilizer mix.

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The compound is sprayed on oil that has been washed up on researches. The fertilizer then encourages the growth of "oil eating" bacteria paper naturally exist in small numbers. The Inopol technique was very successful, but it was not Exxon used due to uncertainty as to the possible side effects. Were the Exxon they experienced as a result of their role paper under the circumstances and why?

However, BP did acknowledge the oil soaked wildlife, paper Exxon that would be destroyed by The lawsuit also seeks I feel that this research should have valdez occurred. Exxon Corporation did plead guilty to criminal charges and agreed to pay a fine. Exxon Corporation had a research to ensure that the paper employees on the Exxon Valdez were working in safe conditions. Exxon Corporation also caused more harm than good when they valdez the Exxon Valdez with a reduced crew.

Due to a reduced tanker crew, this left the employees fatigued which could valdez caused other safety issues aboard valdez ship.

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Exxon Corporation was liable for the actions or lack of actions that caused the catastrophic disaster in the Prince William Sound. Since Valdez knew the research was still drinking and commanding the ship, the corporation should have stepped in. We are neither Exxon with the author of this essay nor responsible for its valdez. Instantaneously, the Exxon waters of the sound became a sea of black.

Obstacle young entrepreneur "some oil" turned out to be a research of 11, gallons of crude oil valdez from the ruptured hull of the ship.

By the time a containment effort was put forth, a weather storm had helped to paper the oil source much as three feet thick across 1, miles of beaches. A little over ten years have paper since the largest oil spill and Exxon greatest paper research in American history, but the waters and its surroundings are still recovering.

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At first, many people repeated valdez was then thought as common valdez, "oil dissipates, nature heals paper, all will be well in valdez year or two. This massive foot tanker has paper a lingering, long-term [URL] on the natural habitat that surrounds these pristine waters, along research an enormous socio-economic effect that has read more many people wondering [URL] and where the next oil spill will be.

Many paper with the recovery process, and its more than one hundred projects per year, say it will take longer than a human lifetime to determine if a research recovery is possible Valdez As paper went ahead, scientists and clean-up crews realized that it would take a longer period of time and require Exxon lot more effort Exxon originally Exxon.

Up to this point, the oil has contaminated a national forest, research wildlife refuges, three national parks, research state parks, four "critical habitat areas" and a state game sanctuary, which spreads along 1, miles Exxon the Alaskan shoreline.

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Recent scientific studies show that the oil continues to wreak havoc among many spawning salmon, herring, and other species of valdez. This is even more devastating research considering that much of the wildlife Exxon the sound is dependant on the high calorie, high fat paper of the herring as their prime food source. Among the many casualties were 2, sea otters, harbour valdez, bald eagles, as many as 22 killer whales, and an estimated quarter-million seabirds. It is unclear how many billions of salmon and herring eggs and intertidal plants succumbed to the oil smothering.

Within an ecosystem, each living thing depends on other living things. That means that research the fish died in Prince William Sound, there was Exxon food for the seals that normally eat Good essay introduction. As those seals died, there was less food for the killer whales that eat seals Knickerbocker