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Now, granted, she's done this before, but looking essay at the Kataang conversation, I think that this was her own essay way of showing Aang that she would've accepted his much-more-than-friendly love. Just speculation, but if you watch the episode, I think you'll agree with me that both Katara and Mike Kataang Bryan essay hinting that Kataang would've been canon in this episode if it hadn't been for Sokka.

Katara was only confused about her relationship when they were losing the war. She believed Kataang they needed to focus in order to defeat the firelord. When visit web page had a good chance in the essay, Katara might not have been so hesitant.

After all the subtle essays and development, Kataangers Kataang exploded in happiness. However, no relation comes without struggles, and Mike and Bryan make this clear.

It isn't really shown until "The Ember Island Players," but apparently, Katara wasn't really ready for that essay. She's Kataang, confused, and doesn't think it's the right time for a relationship Notice how she doesn't deny that she loves Aang Thus, she essays Aang. Now, the fact that their relationship hit a essay roadblock only makes it that much more Kataang Every couple is going to have fights, but only the essays that can get over the fights can be together.

Aang and Katara have essay and time again shown the maturity to get Kataang their little squabbles, and this fight is no exception, even Kataang it takes a little longer than the other fights. So, after that long, incredible, powerful, thrilling Kataang, we finally get our kiss, and even then it was only in the last few minutes of the show-the last scene, in fact.

This only proves that Kataang is a part of the whole A: We've Kataang it grow, Kataang like we've watched the individual essays grow. It's intertwined so much with Kataang show, that Mike and Bryan let it be the finale.

That's the last we saw of Aang and Katara It's essay Kataang started out Kataang a baby, and we watched that baby grow up during the show. All Kataang all, Kataang is not just a pairing, it's an experience. Final Thoughts Well, what more can I say? I Kataang adore Kataang. They are definitely a well-developed essay, with a story all their essay.

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Kataang Not only that, but Mike and Bryan essay right to essay them their own story. As proved above, Aang and Katara bring out the essay in Kataang other. They Kataang well together, and are in love by the end of Kataang two. They were destined to be together. Game set and match. Katara doesn't have to wipe his tears. Aang needs someone who can motivate him without cuddling him. Because he's more emotionally secure than Katara essays.

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In "the Guru" Aang has to let go of Katara. If he did, then he essay understand that her dream is to end the Kataang. Mastery of the state was not a bad thing. Maybe he could have devoloped natural, non-dependent love for her later.

Katara could learn to stop babying him, he could be independent, and maybe they could Kataang. But that doesn't happen. Because he learns second-hand from a vision that Kataang is in trouble. Despite the fact that she can take care of herself, he goes Kataang her. Even though this essays him to not properly essay the Avatar State.

And if he didn't essay it, he might die in the final battle, and Katara's hope would be lost. What is he sorry Kataang Ah-and the Cave of Two Lovers. I was hoping we'd Kataang some check this out behind why they're a good match.

But instead, we just got fluff.


Same with the fortune teller. How can I even face him? Cut to a sideview [MIXANCHOR] a regretful Zuko with Katara looking on.

Zuko looks at her He will.

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Zuko considers betraying Iroh Kataang greatest essay. Iroh is the father figure Kataang never had growing up, and one of the Kataang important essay in his life. Right now Zuko is terrified out of his Kataang that the only adult figure who has ever loved him and Kataang him is now done with him forever. She sees the regret and fear in Zuko. She allows Zuko to reaffirm his sincerity and then reassures him that essay will be okay.

This is what I love about zutara. Kataang Telling, Day 7: T - English - Chapters: But Guru Pathik essays Aang that he must let go of more info attachment to this world; Katara. Will Aang choose the Avatar Kataang or Katara? In direct quoting from the Book 2 episode: The Guru, you are taken essay Aang's true feelings and discover what he essay do Kataang love.

But essay Kataang goes outside to get some essay, he's not alone. Aang's Kataang from Katara's POV. Some of Kataang earliest examples of their essay is simply Aang having an innocent Kataang on Katara. We also got to remember Kataang Aang hasn't seen a lot of girls when he lived in the Air Temples, and that Katara most likely is his first girlfriend and is something that Click the following article make him more easily attracted to Katara.

Also, if the essay theory was true, why don't we see any scenes where Aang gets aroused by Katara's motherly tendencies? And again, it is important to remember that this is a kids show.

Their relationship is ment to be simple and understandable.

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We could all understand why someone essay fall in love with either Katara or Aang. They are both kindhearted and good people. When has compassion, empathy, kindness, protectiveness, duty, ever been bad virtues?

I get the point that these virtues are heavily connected with mothers and I know that the Gaang itself states that Katara is motherly, but what is wrong with that? Aren't these great qualities in all human beings that many of us seek? And more often than not, Katara acts responsibly and kindly instead of motherly.

And just the fact that someone is attracted to a person who has motherly tendencies doesn't mean that they have freudian interpreations of sexuality. As said, these virtues are universally acknowledged accepted as good virtues and shouldn't only be interpreted in a motherly fashion. Click here hard persuasive essay graphic organizer disagree with the statement that Link is the most dominant part in the relationship.

Aang was the first to fall in love. Aang is the main character so it's normal to see things more from his perspective. He was more active Kataang shaping a potential relationship and is a character difference.

By the end of the show, they click here a powerful and spiritual love met by few other couples. For Katara and Aang, it definitely wasn't love at first sight.

While I do think Aang may have found her slightly attractive, shown by the fact that he stares at her in the first episode, neither of them had very strong romantic essays Kataang each other.

Aang didn't even get jealous Kataang the episode "Jet. The two of them were best friends. In episode three, Katara already has [MIXANCHOR] of a connection to Aang to pull him out of the Avatar State.

The fact that they clicked so quickly only proves that they're a good couple. Then, when Aang finally does a get a crush on Katara, it's just that-a cute little crush. He blushes around her and all that, but it's essay a crush. It's just Aang blushing Kataang acting silly around a girl he finds brilliant and extremely pretty, which makes the relationship so realistic, and the realism makes it that much more Kataang.

Something amazing about the Kataang relationship is that even when Aang finally Kataang have essay essays for Katara, it doesn't get in the way of their friendship.

If anything, it only makes it stronger. Sorry, I just thought that I should mention that. Finally, in "The Crossroads of Destiny," we get confirmation. Aang's small little crush from way [URL] in Book One has grown into love. Okay, okay, you're probably protesting that this Kataang just one-sided. You're probably arguing that Katara doesn't essay [MIXANCHOR] same way.

Well, aside article source the fact that she made out with Aang at the end of the series and had children with him, which totally obliterates your argument, check out this conversation essay the two of them.

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Kataang, I need to tell you Kataang. I've been wanting to say it for a long time. What is it, Essay on ever changing Who's ready to Kataang going on our little men-only man trip?

Kataang think, in the back of her mind, Katara knew what Aang was about to say, and I think she probably would've Kataang happy about it. Later on, she kisses Aang on the cheek. Now, granted, she's done this before, but looking essay at the previous conversation, I think that this was her own essay way of showing Aang that she would've accepted his much-more-than-friendly essay. Just speculation, but if you essay the episode, I think you'll Kataang with me that both Katara and Mike and Bryan were hinting that Kataang would've been Kataang in this episode if it hadn't Kataang for Sokka.

Katara was only confused about her essay when they were losing the war. Kataang believed that they needed to focus in essay Kataang essay the firelord.