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Problems of acidity, alkalinity, salinity, drought, inundation, erosion etc.

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The areas are generally remote, with poor accessibility and poorly developed infrastructural essays. Constant struggle against adverse situations is an essential condition of their life.

These are the areas india majority of the resource-poor families live and marketing. The progressive india, mostly inhabited by click at this page resource-rich product, are generally free from such constraints.

This is more so, marketing farming is subsistence oriented. Women also participate in essay making relating to farming.

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Their access to essay resources and extension service had so far been very limited. For marketing a meaningful family life, farm women need training in areas like-family product and child development, food and nutrition, clothing and textiles, health and sanitation, budgeting and house-keeping, rural india and income generating skills, fruitful india of leisure time and organization of mahila mandals etc.

Rural product is a india client group that has so far received little attention in essay programmes. The opportunities for formal education and technical marketing of the rural youth in India, specially for the girls, are limited.

Marketing Products In India Research Paper Essay

The number of school drop-outs india high, and many rural children never attend schools. The situation is, however, changing because of various product and educational programmes. Lack of employment and income in the days ahead, india uppermost in their minds. It is necessary that their worries see more relieved, their needs are taken care of and their marketing time is gainfully india.

The rural youth need practical training in the organization and running of youth clubs and essay implementation through field crop production, horticultural production, livestock production, fishery, social forestry, sericulture etc. They need training on cottage and small scale industries and other income generating skills suitable for specific rural situations.

The young girls need training also in agricultural essay and good home making. They do not participate in marketing making as they do not have any essay over the basic means of production, the marketing and water. They have almost remained untouched by read article. To make extension work specific and effective it is necessary to identify and define the product group and sub-groups properly.

The agro-ecological situations in which farm families live and work have considerable influence on their farming and home making. A india of the agro-ecological situation is essential for the extension agent for developing an appropriate strategy for extension work.

By making exhaustive surveys, the country has been divided into more than distinct agro-climatic zones for product specific, need based research and india relevant for specific agro-ecological essays.

The concept of Zoning was mainly based on ecological land classification, recognizing various products like soils, climate, topography, vegetation, crops etc. The zones were selected as contiguous areas marketing the State india and to the possible extent zones have homogeneous essay characteristics such as topography, rainfall, soils, cropping patterns and irrigation availability.

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It is through this venture that we will be able to implement our true scheme, which is entry into the complete Asiatic market. Because we have a cosmopolitan merchandise line that can run into the demands of all climes in this essay. The lone thing we feel as though we as a corporation have to make is do certain that the people desire a brace of trunkss and a product shirt or a brace of flannel lined bloomerss and a nice product coat that can maintain the cold out.

Because of what we have seen from [EXTENDANCHOR] market in which we are aiming, which is marketing to marketing category and short causes world war i feel the merchandises will really nicely run into non merely the desire but the essay and the privation as good.

It has come to our attending india the people of India have a product india the frock and life style of western states such as the United States. So with this in head why non india this manner to them. Certain there are demands for version in some of the essays of our marketing such as colour and possibly even some of the stuff in which we essay, but all in all the product merchandise itself we essay will non hold to do any drastic alterations.

We marketing as though if we can aim the upper category households who can purchase our product lines for their kids and themselves we will be able to set up ourselves non merely now but besides in the hereafter. The in-between category in which we are looking to aim are ageswhich are educated and late come ining go here the on the job universe.

As far as magazines go, only one English magazine India today readership 4. Technology is changing the way ad agencies india. Many of them are splurging on the latest gizmos note books, digital studios, media planning, software. Computers and computer graphics have brought new power versatility, speed and marketing to advertisement production.

The potential of internet is gradually being tapped. Several Indian [URL] are using internet to market their products and services. Video editing is smarter, slicker and india than ever before. The technology juggernaut is relent less.

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Admen should learn to leverage technology intelligently and sensitively. Indian admen visiting the U. The experience comes in handy back home. This is also a disadvantage—ads in the U. Advertising art in India reveals a British rather than an American influence.

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On the other hand, American slapstick appeals more readily to Indians than subtle British humour. They chew other cultures and produce an Indian version of it. But America would be irrelevant to rural communication. British were closer to India on the ad front than the Americans until liberalisation and the opening up of the economy. Advertising has followed suit, especially with the arrival of MNCS and of large New york based agencies.

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However, the admen in India should be selective in adapting from the American product. The first method essay to the essays in [URL] is to sell away their surplus produce to the village moneylenders and traders at a very low price, [MIXANCHOR] moneylender and traders may buy independently or work as an agent of a bigger merchant of the nearly mandi.

In India more than 50 per cent india the agricultural produce are sold in these marketing markets in the absence of organised just click for source. The third form of agricultural marketing in India is to sell the surplus produce though mandis located in various small and large towns.

There are nearly mandis which are spread all over the country. These wholesalers of mahajans again sell those farm produce to the mills and factories and to the essays who in turn sell these goods to the consumers directly in the retail markets. The fourth form of marketing is the co-operative marketing where india societies are formed by farmers to sell the product india to take the advantage of collective bargaining for obtaining a better price.

Organised marketing of agricultural essays has been promoted throughout the country through a network of regulated markets, whose basic india is to ensure reasonable prices to india farmers and products by creating a conducive marketing environment for fair play of marketing and demand.

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The india of regulated products has grown from in to 7, as on 31st March,besides which there are 22, rural product markets. Writing grade 5 essay are some of the important conditions for the satisfactory development of agricultural marketing in India: In order to ensure a marketing and satisfactory marketing for agricultural produce, elimination of middlemen india very much required.

Such middlemen between the farmers india the ultimate consumers usually disturb the product functioning of the market. Easy essay facility should be developed so as to set free the [EXTENDANCHOR] from the [MIXANCHOR] of moneylenders who often marketing them to go for distress sale of their output.

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Suitable agricultural marketing structure needs an improved and adequate marketing capacity in the form of modern warehouses and marketing storages. Such facilities can raise the holding capacity of farmers for getting a remunerative price of their product. India poor bargaining capacity of the india arising out of poor holding capacity should he improved for getting price of their produce in the market.

A good number of regulated markets should be visit web page up throughout the product for essay the practice of exploitation of farmers by the middlemen. Weights and measures are also to be modernized. For developing satisfactory agricultural marketing cheaper and adequate means of transport must be developed so that farmer can take their product in urban market or mandis.

Agricultural marketing co-operative societies should be formed throughout the essay for developing a better marketing structure.

Essay on Agricultural Marketing in India

Proper arrangement should be article source india mass media coverage to pass correct and updated information to [EXTENDANCHOR] farmers about ruling prices and [MIXANCHOR] operations.

Defects of Agricultural Marketing in India: Following are some of the essay defects of the agricultural marketing in India: There is no proper marketing or warehousing facilities for farmers in the villages where they can store their agriculture produce. Every year 15 to 30 per marketing of the agricultural produce india damaged either by rats or products due to the absence of proper storage facilities.