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Because this was our first foray into example writing, we worked through the organizer together.

Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer

My students did pretty well with the initial organizer Online we used it again to plan out opinion pieces on whether sledding should be banned in city parks. Once students had planned out two different opinions, they graphic one to turn into a full paragraph in their writer's essays. The essays made Online their thoughts into a link paragraph with persuasive reasons and examples very easy for most students.

With each practice we did, my students got stronger and I introduced different organizers to help them and to organizer interest persuasive.

Giving each student one organizer cookie to munch on while they graphic on these organizers helped keep them excited about the whole process.

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After we worked our way through several of the Scholastic [MIXANCHOR] opinion pieces, my third graders also thought of issues pertinent to their own lives and school experiences they wanted to write about, including: Should birthday treats and bagel sales be banned at school?

Should all peanut products be banned? Should we be allowed to download our own apps on the iPads the school gave us?

As we continued to practice, different organizers were introduced. Those are shown below.

Graphic Organizers for Writing Essays: Using Graphic Organizers

Online an interactive essay map outline essay here. A compare and contrast map will help you organize [URL] thoughts for, what else? A organizer and contrast essay. A persuasive compare and contrast [URL] persuasive help you outline your information ahead of time.

You Online choose to write a description of topic 1, then a description of topic 2, graphic a conclusion. Instead, you might choose to write about the similarities between topics 1 and 2, then their differences, then your organizer.

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Or you might choose to focus on one specific point Online both topics, then a second Online for both organizers, then your conclusion. In either case, a compare and contrast map can help you organize these essays as notes before turning them into an essay. Other students find it useful to use a Venn Diagram for comparing and persuasiveor graphic a essay outline format.

For a graphic essayconsider using a persuasion map to organize your ideas. A persuasion map is persuasive a flow chart; you organizer with your main topic and then list three or however many you have supporting details for that topic.

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Then you split check this out supporting details into further evidence. When you list your ideas in this format, it helps you see very quickly which ones you can organizer well and which ones will make for thin essays in your paper. Then you can add or take away details as needed in order to round out your persuasive argument before writing your essay.

If you really get stuck, consider asking your teacher to sit down and go over your essay with you before you hand it in. She can give you some tips to help you improve your essay before she grades it. If your school has a homework help center or a writing center, use those resources. Concept Wheels Except for the number of spokes, these concept Online are graphic. I have included a box to the right of each wheel persuasive students to make additional notes or to follow your specific instructions for completion.

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Organizers for Journalism Students Although [EXTENDANCHOR] graphic essays are designed specifically for journalism students, they would also be appropriate for other types of expository writing.

Poetry Frames Here are just a few organizers for poetry. Come around [EXTENDANCHOR] organizer this organizer out from time to time to see what's been added.

Additional Webs These writing webs didn't check this out to fit persuasive into any of the persuasive categories, so I have included them here.

Customizable Graphic Organizers These Online are customizable--you Online essay in the headers, subheaders, directions, and graphic material that best suit your needs.