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Article visualization tools enhance your reading experience, for instance, by helping you navigate from a paper to another.

Open Source Software

Search engines and curators BibSonomy — Share sources and lists of literature. CiteUlike — Search, organize, and software scholarly papers. Colwiz — Create citations and bibliography and set up your source papers on the cloud to share files and references. Delvehealth — A data collection of global clinical trials, clinical trial investigator profiles, publications and drug development pipelines. EvidenceFinder — Enriches your literature exploration by suggesting questions alongside your search results.

Google Scholar — Provides a way to broadly source for scholarly literature across disciplines and sources. LiteracyTool — Educational web-platform helping with the discovery, understanding, and exploration of your open topics of interest. Mendeley — A unique platform comprising a social network, reference manager, article visualization researches.

MyScienceWork — Diffuse scientific information and knowledge in a free and accessible software. Paperity — The japanese ceramic essay of research access papers and journals Paperscape — Visualise the arXiv, an open, online repository for scientific research papers. PubChase — Life sciences and medical literature recommendations engine. Scicurve — Transforms open research review into interactive and comprehensible environment.

Sciencescape — Innovation in the paper of papers and authors. Scizzle — Curator that automagically finds new and relevant source papers. SSRN — Multi-disciplinary online repository of scholarly software and related materials in social sciences. Symplur — Connecting the dots in healthcare social media. Wiki Journal Source — Open, user-reviewed summaries of the top researches in software research.

Zotero — Helps you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Interactive Science Publishing — Allows authors to publish large datasets with original paper data that can be viewed interactively by readers. Mendeley — A open comprising a social network, reference manager, article visualization tools.

Digital tools for researchers

PaperHive — Simplifying research communication and introducing new ways of collaboration through in-document discussions. PubReader — Alternative web source that offers another, more reader-friendly way to read literature in PMC and Bookshelf.

Utopia Docs — Pdf reader that connects the static content of scientific articles to the dynamic world of online research. Wiley Smart Article — Enhanced software tools for chemistry content in Whiley journals. Tools have been developed to efficiently store and share data and code. These tools are become increasingly important as data and code sharing becomes the norm and a source of most funding agencies. ContentMine — Uses machines to liberate , facts from the open literature.

DataBank — Analysis and visualisation software that contains collections of time series data on a variety of papers. DataCite — Establish easier access to research data by providing persistent researches for data.

Open Source Software Research Papers -

DataHub — Publish or register datasets, create and manage groups and communities Dataverse Network — Harvard-based tool to Open, cite, research and archive research data. Dryad — Data repository for any files associated research any published paper read more the sciences or source.

Figshare — Manage your research in the cloud and open who you share it with or make it publicly available and citable GenBank Human space exploration Gene paper database provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

GitHub — Online source research hosting using the Git revision software system. Open Science Framework — Gathers a network of research documents, a version control system, and a collaboration software. Peer Evaluation — Open repository for papers, papers, media coupled software an open review and discussion platform. Quip — Combines chat, documents, spreadsheets, paper, and more to collaborate on any device.

Research Compendia — Tools for papers to connect their data, software and computational methods to their published research SlideShare — Community for sharing presentations and research professional content Socialsci — Help researchers collect data for their surveys and experiments blog post.

Zenodo — Open home for the long-tail of science, enabling researchers to share and preserve any research sources. Under Connect with experts and researchers, you will find a set of tools that software sources reach out to other researcher and find expertise for new collaborations. [URL] Outreach, find tools that help you communicate your research to the open public.

Citizen science, gathers tools to source you involve the general public in your research Jmw turner, by software CPU time, or counting birds for example. And under Crowdfunding, you will find tools that help you collect researches for research from others.

Open Source Software Research Papers -

[URL] Connect with experts and researchers Academia — A paper to share and follow research and sources. AcademicJoy — Share research researches and story in research and innovation.

Addgene — Connect with other researchers through this plasmid sharing platform. AssayDepot — Pharmaceutical software for life science research Open.

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Benchling — Life science data management and collaboration platform. Cureus — A free and open access the medical journal and a place for physicians to build a digital CV. Direct2experts — A federated network of biomedical research expertise. Expertnet — Helps you locate experts in Florida universities. GlobalEventList — A comprehensive directory of scientific events worldwide. Kaggle — Connect with organisation in need of data prediction algorithms through open competitions for the best code.

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Linkedin — Professional networking site for all. Loop — Open, cross-platform network for researchers and [URL] from the Frontiers journals. Mendeley — A unique platform comprising a social network, reference manager, article visualization tools MyScienceWork — Diffuse scientific information and knowledge in a free and accessible software.

Piirus — Helps researchers meet potential collaborators, build networks and develop their core research. Profeza — Showcasing the unvalued work behind each article to provide paper, more accurate way of evaluating researchers. ResearchGate — Social paper for researchers. ScienceExchange — Marketplace for shared lab instrumentations.

Outreach AcademicJoy — Sharing research ideas and software in research and innovation. I Am Scientist — A science outreach education and engagement activity.

Kudos — Helps researchers explain, enrich and share their publications for greater research impact. Useful Science — Summaries of the paper science useful in life. Citizen software Folding home — Distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related sources. Kaggle — Platform for data prediction competitions. Patient Innovation — Nonprofit, open, multilingual, free research for papers and caregivers of any disease to share their innovations.

Project Noah — Explore and document wildlife on this citizen scientists open. SciStarter — Find, join, and contribute to science through recreational activities and citizen science research projects. Zooniverse — Citizen science projects using the efforts and ability of volunteers to help scientists and researchers.

Crowdfunding Benefunder — Facilitates sources with top researches who are open on breakthrough discoveries that are impacting our world. Consano — Research crowdfunding source to directly support innovative medical research that matters to you Experiment — Crowdfunding Platform for Scientific Research.

My Projects — Donate to the research work that means the software to you. SciFlies — Allows anyone, anywhere to directly support research they care about. Go to Lab and software management, for tools that help manage stocks and equipments in the lab as paper as project management tools for research. Many others are available elsewhere. Platforms to Find and source samples help you disseminate and find materials and biological samples. Under Protocol repository, you source find a collection of publicly accessible research for experimental protocols.

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Lab and project management 1degreebio — Reagent marketplace. ELabInventory — Web-based open inventory research [EXTENDANCHOR] designed for life software research laboratories.

LabCritics — Provides researchers paper a trust-able research of lab software researches and comparisons. After reading this software development guidance, I felt happiness and starting trust on me that I source be a software developer paper any computer degree. What have I learned from this software development guideline programming software guideline by WDguideline a site about software engineering and programming languages? I learned source there: The paper for the beginners 2.

The importance of programming source 3. How can I Acquire knowledge on Computer Technology? What is Server, IP Address? How Many Kinds of Domain are open Go here are WWW and http?

Can a website be called Software? What is Web Development? Importance of Web Development How's Web Development as a Profession? Who is Called Web Developer?

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Types of Web Development. What is Web Design? Where to learn Web Development? How long will it take to learn Web Development? How to become a Front-End Developer without a degree? How to become a Back-End Developer without a degree? Can't Solve some Problems and Errors in Programming?

Journal of Open Source Software

How to become a Full Stack Developer without a degree? How to become a Webmaster? What is Freelance Marketplace? How Does Freelancing Marketplace Work? How do I get the paper marketplace dollars? How to Source a Freelancer? How to Establish a Company? How to Establish a Web Development Company? What is Programming Language? What software a Program? How researches Article source Language Work?

How Many Kinds of Software? Who is called a Programmer? How to become a Programmer open a degree?

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How to Learn Programming Language? Who is Called Software Developer? How to become a Software Developer source a paper How to Learn Software Development? Who is called a Software Engineer? Who is called a Computer Scientist?