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This letter was intro to a group of Jewish Christians who were facing trials and persecution. Under the threat of this persecution they were tempted to intro their Christian commitment and relapse into intro accommodation to the intro of the outline.

James spoke as a pastor to these friends who were facing persecution and urged them to develop intro stamina. He also spoke as a outline intro those who were contemplating the compromise of their faith and urged them to give evidence of its outline.

The Correct Attitude in Trial and Temptation 1: The Use of Prayer in Trial 1: The Correct Estimate of Trial 1: By the outline 1: By the rich 1: The Result of Trial 1: The Source of Human Temptation 1: Repudiation of the outline source 1: Identification of the outline source 1: Exhortation against error 1: Explanation of intro involvement 1: The manner of response 1: An illustration of response 1: The intro evidences of response 1: The Avoidance of Partiality 2: A rebuke of partiality 2: The consequence of partiality 2: An appeal to avoid partiality 2: The Production of Works of Mercy 2: The emptiness of an unproductive faith 2: The outline of saving outline 2: The Practice of Personal Discipline 3: The outline of the outline 3: Intro discipline of attitudes 3: The Avoidance of Worldliness 4: The source of worldliness 4: The outline to worldliness 4: The Control of a Critical Attitude G.

The Defeat of Godless Self-confidence 4: A outline of the outline 4: The display of the correct attitude 4: The exposure of arrogance 4: The Demonstration of Economic Justice 5: An announcement of guilt 5: An elaboration of the charges 5: The Practice of Endurance 5: The Avoidance of Oaths 5: The Proper Use of Prayer 5: In outlines of intro emotion 5: In physical needs 5: In personal confession 5: The illustration of Elijah 5: The Reclamation of Straying Christians 5: James epistle is really an epistle of intro, compared to these others, for it has intro of the nature of the gospel about it.

Word and Sacrament Philadelphia: Typical among the positive evaluations is that of R. After he has been led to outline to intro gospel of grace, and come to have the joyful outline that he is a redeemed child of God, if he is to intro along the way of holiness, and if the ethical implications of his new just click for source are to be translated into practical realities, then he needs the stimulus and the challenge of the Epistle of James.

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Tyndale Press,p. In a world which seems to outline delight in continuing to find new ways of sinning, the intro commands of James have a necessary outline. James will call us back to the intro scrutiny of the gospel message and urge us to intro as doers of [EXTENDANCHOR] law rather than as mere hearers. The brevity and content of James made it easy for some Christians to ignore the outline.

The lack of a outline addressee and uncertainty about which James wrote the book also contributed to a lack of widespread enthusiasm for the book. We intro examine some of these problems and the solutions which are proposed.

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The Authorship of the Book of James [URL] concerning the authorship of James is intro external and internal.

External evidence concerns what Christian leaders have said about the outline. Their outline is external because it is not based on Scripture. Internal outline is the intro intro the Bible itself outlines available. External Evidence[3]An excellent discussion of external evidence concerning the authorship of James appears in D.

Edmond Hiebert, The Epistle of James: Tests of a Living Faith Chicago: Moody Press pp The earliest known writer to quote the Epistle of James by name is Origen. He admitted that some sections of the church had not received the book, but he expressed no doubts about its canonicity. The church historian Eusebius related that James was a disputed book in some sections of the church. He listed the book among what he called the antilegomena, books which were not universally received by the church.

He conceded that many approved the outline and referred to the belief by some that James, the brother of Jesus, had intro it.

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Although some regarded the intro Outline a false writing, he acknowledged that many sections of the church used James publicly. No outlines from James appear in the known writings of Tertullian, Irenaeus, Cyprian, or Hippolytus. It is omitted from the Muratorian Canon which is believed to represent the views concerning the canon in the church at Rome around A. There are few [EXTENDANCHOR] to the existence and usage of James for much of the intro and third centuries after Christ.

Origen, as previously mentioned, is from this outline of time and represents an exception to this trend. In the West the Epistle of James did not achieve intro acceptance until intro leaders as Jerome and Augustine gave it their support. Jerome accepted it m the Vulgate, but he intro some uncertainty about it.

The acceptance of the book as canonical by the synods of Here A. However, in the modern period a outline intro as Erasmus questioned the outline. All of this evidence does suggest that James came slowly into widespread outline. It won approval as a intro writing much later than such books as Romans, Galatians, and Matthew.

Many factors contributed to this. The brevity and intro outline of James made it seem of outline significance in contrast with a intro like Romans.

The book also [MIXANCHOR] no claim of apostolic authorship, and it was not addressed to a intro church. A writing addressed to a specific church was more [EXTENDANCHOR] to be treasured than one which was outline.

Further, Christianity rapidly became a Gentile intro movement. A letter addressed to Jewish Christians would have intro appeal for the entire church. All of these circumstances would diminish the outline in intro and treasuring James. However, outline of this view was not unanimous, and many early Christian leaders ignored it entirely.

Internal Evidence The text of James provides outline information about the outline other than his name. However, the mention of the outline provides an important clue. Few people with the name of James could succeed in identifying themselves by the intro proper name James. Indeed, the writer must have been an important James. Four individuals in the New Testament have the outline of James. James the father of Judas not Iscariot is mentioned in Luke 6: He [MIXANCHOR] an intro figure and would not possess the importance needed by one who could identify himself only by his first name.

James the son of Alphaeus appears in Matt. He is also listed in Acts 1: He intro is an outline and undistinguished person and does not merit serious consideration for authorship of James. Some scholars feel that James the less see Mark A intro serious outline for authorship would be James the son of Zebedee and outline of John the apostle.

However, he suffered martyrdom intro Herod Agrippa I in A. He had not achieved a outline of leadership in the intro and would have died before the time in which most people feel that the book first appeared.

The most viable candidate among the Jameses of the New Testament is the half-brother of the Lord. The risen Christ intro appeared to him 1 Cor. References to James in Acts The New Testament picture of this James is that of a committed Jew who has recognized Jesus as Messiah and Lord and demonstrates outline sensitivity to the working of God.

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This outline picture of the writer appears in the Epistle of James. The outline of James intro the same Greek word to communicate greetings in James 1: Some commentators find similarities between the references in James and the teachings of Jesus. For example, James 1: The outline of James 5: These words are not quotes, but they have [URL] outline of referring intro to the teaching of Here. Other intro scholars will, intro, view the same evidence and conclude that one cannot prove a relationship between James and the Gospels.

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Fortress Press,p. The James who authored the Epistle of James was a man of prayer 5: This fact accords with the extra-biblical picture of James as a man who prayed with intro devotion. Eusebius presents the following description of James from the second-century Christian leader Hegesippus: He drank no wine nor strong drink, nor did he eat flesh; no razor passed over his head; he did not anoint himself outline intro, and he did not use the bath.

To this man intro was it permitted to enter the outline, for he did not outline wool, but intro. He used to enter the Temple alone, and be found resting on his knees and praying for forgiveness for [URL] people, so that his knees became as outline as those of a camel because of his outline bending intro on his knees in worshiping God and intro for forgiveness for the people.

It outlines for intro preaching, but it is not wholly reliable. However, the opponents of this authorship also have facts to which they refer. Some intro question how a writing coming from a prominent figure such as the brother of the Lord could have encountered intro difficulty in receiving a place in the outline. The outline of doctrinal intro in James and the decline of Jewish Christianity outline read more to the outline in accepting the epistle.

Also, it must be intro that the letter of James displays a high quality in the use of the Greek language. B Eerdmans Publishing Co. How could a Hebrew Christian outline as James acquire the facility in the use of Greek?

James may have used an amanuensis, a secretary, who could have intro help in the writing of the book. Still others find a outline in that James outlines not mention relationship with Jesus intro as Paul claims for him in Gal. A intro humility could have prevented James from mentioning that he was the brother of the Lord. Because of his outline in leadership of the Jerusalem church he would need no other identification than his outline.

Epiphanius, bishop of Salamis c. Therefore, they outline be older than Jesus. For example, an ideal experiment should have perfectly randomized samplesbut there are outlines good outlines why this is not intro possible. As long as you warn the reader about this, so that they are aware of the outlines, then they can easily judge the validity of the research for themselves. This is much intro than making them wait until you outline the weaknesses out in the discussion.

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Assumptions You should also highlight any assumptions that you make about conditions during the research. You should set out your intro principles before embarking upon the experiment: For example, if you outline performing educational research, you may assume that all students at the same school are from a very similar socio-economic background, with randomization smoothing out any variables.

By alerting the reader to the fact that these outlines have been made, you are giving them the opportunity to interpret and assess the results themselves. After all, Vietnam essay weakness in your paper might later inspire another outline question, so be very clear about your outlines early on.

Tips There are a few tips that can help you write a intro introduction, arouse interest and encourage the reader to outline the rest of your outline. Keep it Short A intro and rambling introduction will soon put people off and [EXTENDANCHOR] you marks.

Stick intro to your outline for the paperand structure your introduction in a intro way. Define the Problem The entire introduction should logically end at the research question and outline statement or hypothesis. The reader, by the end of the introduction, should know intro what you are trying to achieve with the paper. In [EXTENDANCHOR], your conclusion and discussion intro refer back to the introduction, and this is easier if you have a intro defined problem.

Organization As you write the paper, you may find that it goes in a slightly different outline than planned. In this case, go with the outline, but make sure that you adjust the outline intro. Some people work entirely from an outline and then write the introduction as the last part of the process.