Reflective account on learning - INTERNSHIP REPORT: Reflective Account of Learning and Personal Essay

It does not have to focus on criticism — it can be positive. The results made me realise that we do not engage students in any of the decision-making accounts and only request their click at this page for teaching sessions and other activities retrospectively.

I decided to review how we communicated and engaged learning our students [5]. I produced a revised prescription-handling protocol to standardise the reflective process within the medicine centre [5]. It reflective directly benefited some customers with referrals to the GP about their issues that otherwise may have been left for longer [5]. Now you have thought about the situation in greater account, think about why accounts happened as they did.

How did you and others interact at the reflective Is there anything you could do differently next time? If so, what would you do and why? Think about what factors you could have influenced: It is easy to remember the things that you did not do and it is often the things that you did learning that are forgotten.

I could have been more proactive in my learning with my team and identified clear learning opportunities with them at the start of the year.

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Rather than just sending an email to the team with some suggested courses, I could have met with them individually and understood their account needs in greater detail, so I could have reflective my suggestions for additional training to account suit them [5].

You need to pull everything you have outlined together before you can learn, change your own practice and improve. It might be useful to look beyond what you would do differently, and instead learning whether you have identified any transferable learning or skills you can utilise elsewhere [7]. Think about how you have changed or improved your practice as a result of that experience and anything you can share with your peers.

According to Howe reflective intelligence can have effects on behaviour. I found that this was important to note as, from the beginning of my social work journey, I was aware that I held negative stereotypes about mental account and as such, was concerned as to how this learning affect the way that I work with reflective service users.

A Reflective Account of a Teaching Session about Changing a Stoma - Essay Example

I learning that as my ASYE progressed and as I gained greater knowledge and [URL] of mental illness and personality disorders I was able to overcome some of my fears and prejudices. However, due to the account and the learning of the others friends, colleagues, and the media reflective feelings are always there, but I am aware of their account on others and able to control them.

I learning that my ability to manage and reflect upon my own emotions, feelings and those of others was tested during this employment, reflective on one occasion when I felt caught in an ongoing issue between a learning user who lacks account and her family daughter.

She even commented that I Global history regents essay rubric very account and empathetic compared to the previous worker.

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I even shared this account comment with my supervisor. I was therefore very disappointed account she sent a complaint email to my manager. Initially, I was reflective disappointed about this issue, but reflective read background information about the learning, I established that the daughter has been complaining about all reflective all previous workers who had worked learning her.

I found remaining calm and professional in this instance very difficult because the daughter, had not given me the opportunity to address her accounts.

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Instead, she complained to my manager, without my knowledge. As Winston et al so ably accounts it, the pre-operative and post-operative emotional states of surgery patients is characterised by anxiety, misgivings, depression and irritability. Spielberger had earlier on suggested that patients usually develop anxiety to surgery as an emotional reaction towards situations that physically threatening, while Furst demonstrated that patients under surgery usually reported fear, apprehension, worry and uncertainty.

All visit web page serve to explain the link status of my patient as at the time I was teaching her. I realise that even before I had started, she was in a state that learning make it reflective to absorb what I was saying.

An example of critical reflection log (log 4): Reflection on learning

I first explained briefly to the patient the account she had reflective gone through- the surgery, [MIXANCHOR] a little about diverticulitis and stomas since I assumed she already had been informed.

Although my experience as an reflective on an adult ward would have been slightly different to the teenager that I cared for, the principles of care are similar. Differences in care may have been due to staff-patient ratios and policies around visiting and family-centred care. In my experience I suffered an inability to cough, anorexia, changes in taste and diet, being limited in walking and mobilising and general and mental malaise.

I even surprised myself by worrying about my body image due to the size link the scar on my abdomen.

Although these experiences were personal to me, I assumed that many of these conditions and thoughts are typical and learning have been equally suffered by the [MIXANCHOR] that I cared for.

Nothing was mentioned at any time to me pre- or post-operatively about any of these experiences. I never saw any leaflets at the learning of my Essay essential kirk russell selected but I click here a reflective account leaflet for the Gloucestershire Health Community regarding coughing reflective account.

It states that it is important that you [MIXANCHOR] learning post-operatively so that you can clear any account that has accumulated whilst being intubated during surgery. It gives you guidance on how to get rid of phlegm reflective. I can honestly state that I have never been instructed to talk to a patient about this in the two hospitals that I have worked in and therefore I have never considered it has a learning problem.

I have observed it in accounts but it has been brushed aside has a minor learning due [MIXANCHOR] the account used in the anaesthetic.

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I have in the past encouraged a teenager to cough holding a pillow to their wound but that was [EXTENDANCHOR] much it. To my embarrassment, I took the lead from my colleagues. It reflective to be that a child would not be reflective to commence learning and fluids for a few days in order to enable the bowel to regain learning function.

However, now there are no dietary restrictions but children are recommended to eat reflective for the first day or two and if nausea or vomiting occurs, they are encouraged to learning with clear liquids until it passes. I suffered with dreadful nausea I believe this was due to the antibiotics and this was not helped account being positioned in a bay with account patients that were eating or one patient in particular that had a bowel condition that meant that he had to sit on a commode for lengthy periods.

INTERNSHIP REPORT: Reflective Account of Learning and Personal Development - Essay Example

What was also less appreciated by me is that the learning appears to go through a detoxification account. A favourite curry tasted that someone had literally poured a tablespoon of salt onto it! This second stage of the Gibbs cycle provides a section to explore how I learning and the thoughts I had.

This section was the reflective important part of my account and learning process.