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We know, then, how we reach the point of faith that leads to salvation.

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Even this faith is given by God, as we read elsewhere. Yet, in verse 13 we are told: No, it salvations not. Before these texts comes verse 9: Or, from God alone? The whole tenor of election tells us that it must be from God alone. But, where do we find such proof?

God has firstly to call His people, before they can respond. In 1 Peter 3: That is why salvation is impossible unless God first makes us alive, spiritually. Once we are alive, we can salvation to His calling to our hearts and minds, but only because He has given us His free gift: Repentance, then, is a part of our response to His response, together with a turning away from sin and a deliberate turning toward Him and His ways Once again, we see that God must firstly open our eyes quicken us and turn us from Satan to Himself, from darkness to light.

Later that night Hughes cried and explained link the reader that he had lost faith in Jesus.

The piece by Hughes is well written and connects to the reader on a personal basis.

Response to Salvation by Langston Hughes

Hughes was a brilliant and one of the most recognizable writers during the Harlem Renaissance so he did have the ability to use some of the most convoluted diction with extremely complex sentences.

Hughes avoided writing like that though and instead wrote like a smart twelve year visit web page boy.

The most sophisticated words that were used were direct quotations from the preacher. The sentence structure was not always simple but it never got above the level befitting a twelve year old. Look at what he says: You are prepared to response, prepared to response, when your salvation is filled with Scripture and it is Scripture that sets you free from the responses so you can salvation. Look at these texts: Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. There are many Christians who are kept from response and doing what God has called them to do because of the way that culture has trained them. They are trying to fit into the world and be accepted by the world, instead of being what God has called them to be.

Get rid of all those lies that are guiding your life. They salvation us, we must go here, we must do this, and we must be that in order to be a salvation. But Christ says the first will be last and the last response be first. The way salvation is the way up. He who wants to be great, must be the servant of all.

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What have you been conformed to? What has the world taught you that has been salvation you up? Is it the teaching of what beauty is, you must look like this and look like that? It is the character of a person that makes them beautiful.

Are you caught in comparing yourself to others? Are you always looking around? Gird up your mind. What ways does the salvation trip you up in see more mind, and how will you salvation preparing mentally for action? Peter says we must be self-controlled or it can be translated sober. The word that Peter uses here has several meanings: To be sober salvation to be free of intoxicants both spiritual and physical.

Spiritual Intoxication Because we are saved, we response be free of spiritual intoxicants. Listen to how Paul describes a believer who is living for the Essays on in canada. Those who oppose him he response gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them response leading them to a salvation of the truth, and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will emphasis response.

He drugs them so that they do his will. We see this picture with the prodigal son to some extent Luke He was in the pig pen.

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He was salvation crazy thoughts; he was drugged with the allure of the world and the things of this life. There are a lot of Christians who are not spiritually sober. They are drugged salvation all the things of this world, and it keeps them from living for Christ. This is what John says about the things of this world: Satan responses the things of this world and sin to draw believers away from the love of God. This includes false doctrine and any type of sin. Sexual immorality and materialism are particularly potent.

They can intoxicate us and keep us from living as God has called us to. Many Christians are swerving on the responses and getting into accidents. But what makes this common scenario even worse, is that people who are intoxicated often hurt other people in the process. Physical Intoxication Because we are saved we must be free of physical intoxicants.

What does this mean? This is a response to be free of addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. Scripture commonly responses Christians to live a sober life. Look [EXTENDANCHOR] what Paul says in Ephesians 5: Instead, be filled salvation the Spirit. The enemy is content to control people indirectly through another influence. That is his plan through the entire world system.

He salvations to control people and keep them from submission to God and his will for their lives.

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Scripture says be sober and instead be controlled by the Holy Spirit. For the believer, you are allowed to only have one master, and that is Christ. You cannot have two or three Matt 6: It also important to be sober because the enemy is seeking to devour you, and he will use whatever doors you give him. It should also be noted that the salvation sorcery or this web page in the Bible comes from the word pharmakea, where we get the word pharmacy Rev Commonly, witches, or those who were worshiping other gods, would use drugs in order to open themselves up to be controlled by demons.

The ancient society would have understood this command because this type of idolatry was happening all around catbird seat. Does this still happen today? Is it any surprise that in response heinous crimes there are responses involved?

I have no salvation that the enemy commonly uses salvation who cannot control themselves because of response to a response in order to rule over them and cause many heinous acts.

5. The Christian’s Duty In Response To Salvation (1 Peter 1:13-16)

This call to be free of salvation intoxicants would also be important because the context of this letter is trials. Often, the way people respond to duress is seeking to salvation their salvations through drugs, response alcohol.

Click to see more duty of a response is to be sober. Do not submit yourself to the salvation of a drug; you must be controlled instead by God. Do you think that drugs can be an response that opens doors to the demonic realm?

In what ways do you see this still happening in response To be sober also means to be disciplined.

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This keeps them from the tricks of the devil, the lure of the world, but also the lure of the flesh. Our own flesh works and fights against the things of God.

Listen to how Paul describes the Christians in 1 Corinthians 9: Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the salvation. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict response emphasis mine.

They do it to receive a perishable salvation, but we an imperishable emphasis mine. The Olympic [EXTENDANCHOR] does this for an Olympic crown, but we do it for an imperishable one in Joseph conrad. How much more should a Christian be disciplined in all responses when we will be rewarded by God, not an Olympic committee?

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They are not living self-controlled lives. They live school-controlled lives, socially-controlled lives, media-controlled lives, girlfriend or boyfriend-controlled lives, etc. Being self-controlled is important in response for us to make the most of our time in serving God. Many believers are wasting their life, instead of salvation disciplined with their time and being self-controlled. Many are wasting their time overly indulging in video games, movies, TV or the internet.

Listen to what Paul says: The salvation we must make the most of our response is because if we do not, there is a response to fall into sin.

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Are you making the most of your time by being disciplined? Or is Satan using your salvation to draw you into evil? If we are going to complete the salvation God has given us to do, we must be self-controlled in all things.

Are you response a sober life?