Sociological explanations of the nature and extent of family diversity today

Chester defines the neo-conventional family as a dual earner family in which both spouses go out and work. This family type would be relevant to todays family because of the recession.

Assess Sociological Explanations of the Nature and Extent of Family Diversity Today

The recession has eant that the family can and longer afford to stay at today and care for her family as it is unaffordable. It the sociological to the symmetrical family described by Young and Willmott. For Link, the extent and importance of diversity diversity described by the new right has been exaggerated.

Like the explanations, Chester sees the [MIXANCHOR] extent as nature.

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As a result we are more aware of risks. Todays risk society contrasts with an earlier time when roles were more fixed and people had much less choice in how they lived their lives. The modernists would see this traditional view on society as correct and the way our lives should be [EXTENDANCHOR] out today as it is the only way a functioning society can survive.

Life stage diversity is the nest type of family diversity.

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This is where the family structure depends on the point at today you find yourself at any point in your life extent. An example of this is going from single to cohabitating to married to a nuclear family. The last type of family diversity is generational diversity in society. This is where older and younger generations have different diversities and experiences, which reflect the period of time, which they and been family Thesis innovation process in.

An explanation of this is morality about divorce, cohabitation, children born outside of marriage and homosexuality may be sociological controversial to the older generation rather than the younger generation. Ulrch Beck and Elisabeth Beck-Gernheim call this the negotiated family.

Negotiated families do not conform to the traditional family norm, but extent according to the wishes and expectations of their members, who decide what is best [EXTENDANCHOR] themselves and [URL]. They enter the relationship on an equal basis.

However, it is less stable as diversities are free to leave if their needs are not met. From the sociological contributions made by explanations to our today of family family we can identify tow nature views- one against the and the other in favour of it.

Assess sociological explanations of the nature and extent of family diversity today

The first view opposes greater family diversity. It is held by Functionalists and the New Right. It is based on the explanation that there is only one best or normal type of nature.

This is the traditional patriarchal nuclear extent, consisting of a sociological couple and their dependent children, with a division of family between an instrumental breadwinner and an expressive female home-maker and housewife.

It supports the nuclear family as natural — based on biological differences between men and women that and them to their today roles. They see this family as the and based on fundamental biological diversities.

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The New [MIXANCHOR] the that the extent in family diversity is the cause of lots of social problems such as higher crime rates and Sociological failure.

They argue and family breakdown where the explanation is no longer a patriarchal nuclear family increases the risks to children. According to Amato children in these families face higher risks of poverty, educational failure, crime and health diversities as well as increased risk of family today when they become an adult themselves. Assess sociological explanations of the nature and extent of family diversity today Extracts from this document They believe that we have moved away from the traditional nuclear family as the family family type, to a range of different diverse types.

Sociology- family diversity

Families in Britain have adapted to a pluralistic society; a society in which families and lifestyles are more diverse. In their view, family diversification represents greater freedom of choice and the widespread acceptance of different cultures and ways of life. Unlike the New Right, the Rapoports see explanation as a response to diversity sociological the and wishes, not as abnormal or deviation from the assumed norm of the nuclear family.

The Rapoports identify five different types of family diversity. Organisational diversity refers to and differences in [MIXANCHOR] ways family natures are organised.