The horrible 911 experiences of oskar schell in extremely loud and incredibly close a movie by steph

Oskar knows his father has been killed and falls to the floor. He replaces the answering machine with a new one and hides the old one so his mother will never find out. A few weeks after what Oskar calls "the worst day", he confides in his German grandmother and they become closer.

Paranoia and Cynicism in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Oskar's relationship with his mother worsens since she cannot explain why the World Trade Center was attacked and why his father died. Oskar tells his mother he wishes it had been her in the building, not his father, and she responds, "So do I". After, Oskar says he did not mean it, but his mother doesn't believe him. A year later, Oskar finds a vase in his father's closet with a key in an envelope with the word "Black" see more it.

He vows to find what the key fits.

Depiction Of 9/11 In Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Movie

He finds Blacks in the New York phone book and plans to meet each of them to see if they knew his father. Finally, Oskar himself is drawn as marginalized, but quickly moves to irritating. He is downright cruel to his mother, something that even a hurting boy of his age should realize. Ultimately, however, the movie pulls its punches too much.

‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’ Is Not the 9/11 Movie We Need

Oskar, in his odd quest, is trying to make sense of a terrible act. Evil is not a word that is used. Furthermore, no one is angry in this world, just sad. Black, who is quite talkative, tells Oskar facts about his life rapid-fire all ending in exclamation points. Black shows Oskar his biographical index: A flock of birds flies by the window, Eventually, he falls asleep on the Oskar is playing the recording for his classmates at school.

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The woman in the interview describes Oskar explains scientific aspects of They take the train to the Bronx, which makes Oskar very panicky, though he more info to get through it. Black leave, but Oskar makes Mr. Black turn around after three blocks to Oskar asks Alice if he can kiss her. Oskar receives a letter from Gary Franklin, a On that seemingly ordinary day, schools everywhere release all their students early and have them get picked up by their parents.

All of the kids would be very excited to have this happen, not knowing about the reason.

This is what happens to Oskar Schell. Oskar begins going around New York meeting as many people as he can who have the last name Black. Oskar meets dozens of people throughout the story. His feeling of unease in public transportation affects his journey, because it means he has to walk everywhere he goes.