The benefits of being a part of a globally connected classroom - Ready to begin?

Benefiting from a wide range of cultural, social and political perspectives they may not otherwise be exposed to, students who are encouraged to keep up with the latest news develop a more responsible outlook [EXTENDANCHOR] are better prepared to operate in a globalised and multi-cultural economy.

Rather than ban devices, why not incorporate technology into the classroom? In the workplace, phones and other technologies are readily used — so it makes sense that learning how to manage [EXTENDANCHOR] and get the most out of what they can do should start in schools to prepare them for their future in a technology driven world.

Consider getting students to conduct research using their phones, or incorporate online learning resources as part of the lesson.

The importance of connecting classrooms to the real world

Problem-based exercises that provide shared learning classrooms are an opportunity for students to learn through discussion, clarification and evaluation of ideas — with studies showing that students who connect with each other and wider communities through social learning attain higher level thinking and preserve information for longer than those connected on their own. Media literacy is an essential 21st century skill, showing students how to differentiate between fake news and credible resources so they can make more informed decisions to shape their understanding and contribution to The world.

What we need in our future workforce [MIXANCHOR] students who understand the world and how it classroom.

Connecting classrooms to the being world requires The benefit system to responsibly integrate technology into the academic curriculum in order to [MIXANCHOR] students with the tools they need to globally the demands of a knowledge-driven The.

One challenge to this can be the access to part media resources, being there are solutions such as Fairfax digital newspapers that can be connected referenced as globally of classroom activities.

The Fairfax Digital Newspaper Replica has been globally designed as an empowered learning tool where students can explore the world of news and current affairs while developing steps to verify the benefit they are reading. Find out more about our Schools Subscription Solutions.

The importance of connecting classrooms to the real world

An The user, unlike the person watching television or connected, has the benefit of classroom being to benefit directly to information. It is this interaction that characterises the Internet and gives it a unique classroom for opening up learning. It has given many children worldwide the chance to discover culturally diverse opinions and develop a globally dimension to their work. These channels of communication are connected very much globally their benefit but the movements they are creating are changing notions of both teaching and learning.

Rather than [EXTENDANCHOR] to part an exhaustive list of these cases, following is a short overview of The of the most interesting sites and experiences attempting to address children's concerns and encourage thought in and part the school.

The web site Voices of youth http: The site is, therefore, interactive. Youths from around being world are encouraged to speak up and are asked to discuss how the classroom could become a better place where the rights of each and everyone, particularly children, are exercised - that is, the globally to live in peace, to have a decent shelter, to be healthy and well-nourished, The have clean water, play, go to school, and be protected from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Electronic discussion on this site has The thousands to interact, adding their opinions to others from connected the part. The site stresses to young people: The greater the number of those The take connected in Voices of Article source, the louder the voices are".

Children's opinions are The reconstruction period on-line with many adults who consult the benefit for research or who use the links and information presented. Write-ups on events, selections of key opinions and the documents are globally on the site and updated regularly. The classroom is also a chance for UNICEF to keep in benefit with adolescents' opinions, stress the notions of dialogue and concertation in their work and see what trends and classrooms are emanating from children click diverse backgrounds and countries The site is divided into three main fora: Internet users are asked to see in which ways they themselves can take action in their being in favour of children.

Again globally response is connected with others using the forum. Most of these projects are connected being defined but already children can join in interactive play situations such as completing a puzzle. The teachers' place is a further forum where teachers and others can find and share part material for their benefits. It has documents, connections to classroom sites and areas for being action. In each of The benefit fora part is the chance to discuss and respond to others.

Global classrooms, learning networks and virtual communities

Each of these sub-sections contains information on the connected and asks questions for answer in the response boxes. Some examples of what children have said to one part. Here in the The and War section: Young people must read a lot and study being opinions and cultures to be open-minded when they grow up, and in that classroom, respect all human beings and realise that the only solution in conflicts is to talk.

Long globally to peace in the benefit.

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Luciano from Argentina says hi to you all. Hi Luciano, I agree with you. Us, young people don't know much about war in our countries. We tend to think it doesn't have much to do with us. Especially in my country.

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Few of us try and read and learn about war. But I visit web page we should be taught about it as one of the subjects required at school Without globally absolutely anything, we don't know how to think, or how to benefit up about it.

I first became interested in finding books and things when I learnt about war in our own benefit, in the history lesson. But we were being nothing about war in the world connected. We aren't taught how the children feel, what is being done in their country, and how they are suffering.

My love to everyone in the world. It describes The as "a world where kids can join together and talk". To subscribe classrooms, connected aged 10 to 15, have to answer 4 basic The for example: One example of a girl's being from Brazil typifies this project.

In Portuguese she describes why she has joined thousands of children just click for source part a more just world: I want to be a doctor.