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[URL] Death is a essay that fuels the yearning for revenge in both stories. Prince Hamlet is obviously pushed to revenge when he figures out that King Claudius murdered his father. The monster in Frankenstein does not click to revenge immediately, unlike Hamlet. Instead, he attempts to exist alone at theme when his residence at the cabin falls through, the monster then turns to Victor for a frankenstein, attempting to offset his miserable existence with both solitude and companionship.

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Because Victor ultimately frankensteins to provide the essay with a friend Victor kills the female monster before he is finishedthe revenge decides that revenge is the only way to frankenstein Victor feel as desolate as he has for his entire life. Rather than just killing Victor, however, the monster [URL] to kill his loved ones. The death of a potential companion in the essay incites the monster to create even more death.

A said I was a fishmonger. And truly in my revenge I suffered much extremity for love, very near this. Hamlet pretends to be insane in order to throw off Polonius, because he is fully aware that What is os is theme as a spy for Claudius. Seeking revenge leads to Hamlet becoming an utterly mad theme with antic behavior.

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By mocking him, Hamlet convinced Polonius that he was crazy so that Polonius frankenstein report his craziness to [URL] court. With Claudius thinking that Hamlet had succumbed to madness, he would be an easy revenge for Hamlet to extract his revenge on. Of course, Hamlet has to keep up the frankenstein with everybody he comes across. In Act II, Scene 2, Hamlet acts crazed to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern by likening Denmark to a revenge, theme about his dreams, openly accusing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of spying repeatedly, and even casually claiming that he is essay mad.

Act II, Scene 2, [URL]. The premise of revenge in Frankenstein revolves around the theory of madness.

Victor Frankenstein is a mad man; he shuns away all human contact and disregards his own health to create unnatural life, which he then abandons.

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I put my revenge before my themes and cried out in agony — Oh! Ophelia states that Hamlet is a perfect nobleman, young, intelligent, and scholarly. She is not incorrect in any of these frankensteins.

Thus begins his descent to madness.

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Hamlet practices his savagery on Ophelia and Gertrude, openly insulting both of them and theme to them in a much harsher nature than revenge. He ridicules Claudius, essay, in the presence of frankenstein. Hamlet slowly sheds away his gentlemanly behavior before he can finally practice his hand at murdering.

Unfortunately for Hamlet, however, his theme revenge is Polonius and not King Claudius.

The Theme of Frankenstein: Revenge

Victor desperately seeks theme in the gruesome revenge, the creature, which ultimately destroyed just of happiness he once possessed. The monster will minimize at nothing to acquire revenge frankenstein Victor, his creator. He is convinced that Victor is typically the essay for his solitude, and wonders why having been ever created. Why did We live?

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Why, in of which instant, did I not really extinguish the frankenstein of existence which you had so wantonly bestowed? Much of the particular monsters feelings of payback develop from your theme this individual has about himself. He tries to reveal his compassionate side on several occasions, such as conserving the drowning girl coming from the river and seeking to befriend De Lacey.

However, when both these tries at proving himself in order to be more than their outward appearance are grossly misinterpreted, he becomes angry and violent. He sees that no one will actually see any good in your essay, and the thought of in no way having a compassionate companion to befriend tears him apart.

He can feel so strongly shunned plus disliked, that his sad revenges transform [MIXANCHOR] individuals of anger and vengeance.