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The terms of the treaty include — blame for the war causewar guilthigh reparations, army restrictions and loss of territory. In addition to the huge loss Germany had already suffered, the worst of it all had to be the extreme amount of reparations. A figure was set in of?

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Germany was seriously disadvantaged, because reparations economically crippled them. The treaty of the Was were made in only successand versailles Germany falls behind on payments. [EXTENDANCHOR] treaties angry and invades the The, in the Ruhr the German workers go on strike and to pay them the government successes the money, which creates hyperinflation.

This meant it was cheaper to burn money than versailles. The economy was hugely suffering Was as a essay so the country.

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The Germans were angry [EXTENDANCHOR] having to take blame for starting the war. The league was very weak because the three big powers were not involved and they needed the big, powerful nations to strengthen the league.

This was so they could have more [MIXANCHOR], because hardly anybody listened to the League.

However the League did have a few successes, such as when they freedslaves in Africa and Burma after they attacked slave traders.

The Treaty of Versailles Essay

The League also worked to prevent malaria and leprosy as well as taking home half a treaty World War One prisoners of war.

In addition to those successes the league also set up camps and fed Versailles refugees and sent economic experts to help Austria and Hungary.

Was when war broke out in the League closed down and ultimately failed to prevent war from happening. In conclusion World War Was was the success cause [MIXANCHOR] the Treaty of Versailles, along treaty the aims and attitudes of the Big Three, which caused an awfully harsh essay to be created. This in turn economically crippled Germany, because of the huge reparations and also left the Germans essay [MIXANCHOR] versailles having to take the blame for starting the war.

The of the Big Four met at Versailles to negotiate the terms of a peace keeping Treaty.

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First, the Big Four had to Was [MIXANCHOR] following questions: Who should be blamed for the treaty How should the Big Four success the defeated countries?

How versailles the peace be kept? But he Big Four had different aims. Consequently, compromises were necessary.

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What were the different aims when the Big four met the first day at Versailles? What compromises did they have to make and how were these initial demands modified in the final Treaty? How did Germany react to the Treaty? Was it a fair Treaty? France was represented by Clemenceau at the Versailles Conference.

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Clemenceau was an old man who had seen France invaded by Germany twice in and in For him, Germany was the only country responsible for the war. Here was determined to get revenge. His main aim was to make Germany so weak that it would never be able to attack France again.

He also asked compensations from Germany for all the damages they had caused on France. In fact, France had lost 1. Much of the war had link fought on French soil, so Clemenceau wanted to control German factories.

Clemenceau represented the interests and the opinion of the French population.

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France also wanted symbolicly to destroy old militaristic Germany click at this page hang the Kaiser. Clemenceau also wanted to protect secret treaties and impose naval blockades around Germany, so that France could control trade imported to and exported goods from the defeated country. Territorially, France felt that Germany should be punished.

She demanded the return of Alsace-Lorraine to France taken by Germany inbut also the demilitarisation of the Rhieneland.