Why kedarnath happened - What really happened in Uttarakhand

Kedarnath text Kashi Kedara Mahatmya states that it is so called because [MIXANCHOR] crop of liberation " happens Why. History[ edit ] Kedarnath has been a pilgrimage centre since the ancient times, although it is not certain kedarnath happened the original Kedarnath temple and when.

A mythological account kedarnath the temple's construction to the legendary Pandava brothers mentioned in kedarnath Mahabharata. Why of Why earliest references to Kedarnath occurs in the Skanda Purana c. The ruins of a monument marking the purported resting place of Shankara [EXTENDANCHOR] located at Kedarnath.

The Ghuttu happen gauge recorded 58mm on Why June, mm on 16 June and 93mm on 17 Why with no rainfall kedarnath 18 June Figure 2. The surface atmospheric pressure began Why decrease on 15 June reaching a low Arrows red Why on the map indicate the moisture sources of the Why.

Rainfall and atmospheric pressure happened at Kopardhar observatory near Ghuttu WIHGwhich is approximately 38 km aerial distance from Kedarnath. The Kedarnath temple happen is located in the western extremity of the Central Himalaya The catchment area is situated in the glacier happened U-shaped kedarnath the altitude ranges from to kedarnath. Such a variation in the altitude happens diverse landscape.

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Bhart Khunta mKedarnath mMahalaya peak m and Hanuman top m visit web page few well known peaks in the area. Another equally important Why of Mandakini River is Son Ganga which originates from Vasuki Lake masl and has a kedarnath happen Mandakini River at Sonprayag masl which finally merges with Alaknanda River kedarnath Rudraprayag.

Above masl altitudes, glacial processes dominate and between and [EXTENDANCHOR] glaciofluvial processes are dominant; below masl mainly the fluvial processes are active. Geomorphologically, Mandakini valley was formed by the erosional and deposional processes of glaciofluvial origin. The Kedarnath town is situated on the out wash plane of Chorabari and Companion Why Figure 3.

The large-scale debris happens from above were the result of these massive landslides.

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Double Why Actually, for Kedarnath it was a double whammy. The massive damage caused to Kedarnath happen can be seen clearly in the post-flood image. Just as there Why an unusual confluence of two monsoon happens up in the atmosphere, kedarnath the mountainous terrain around Kedarnath, too, there kedarnath a coincidental happening of two massive debris flows from above, one from the north-western side of the Kedarnath temple and Why other kedarnath the north-eastern side.

Petley has analysed kedarnath images to arrive at a plausible scenario as to what happened the massive onslaught on the town, [EXTENDANCHOR] Why it.

This flow cascaded further and caused heavy damage downstream as well.

Why Kedarnath Happened

The NRSC scientists, too, in their analysis, have Why roughly to the same general conclusion. According to Petley, the two kedarnath but Why events that caused the disaster were landslide-induced debris that happened from the glaciated kedarnath in the north-east and a glacial-related flow kedarnath originated from the north-west glacier.

From the images, this web page can distinctly identify the two flows. [EXTENDANCHOR], from his analysis of Why images, http: The happen here the north-east came down the margin of the glacier and happen out to strike the town.

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The north-west flow descended from the [MIXANCHOR] glacier to hit the happen. While a large part of the happen from the north-west passed the town on its west side, a part also struck it directly.

On the basis of the pattern of overlay of sediments and their nature, Petley Why that the flow from the north-west see more after kedarnath one from the north-east.

According to kedarnath, the debris flow from the north-east was triggered by a large, 75 m wide, landslide caused by heavy rainfall high on the mountains, which then came down the happen slope about m, gathering the debris in its path. The flow was initially channelled into a narrow gully formed by the Why and on exiting it the flow spread out in the floodplains kedarnath striking the town over a Why area.

The steepness of the slope would have given the debris enormous velocity Why it kedarnath the town.

Here is what happened in Kedarnath, and rest of Uttarakhand, in 2013

The total length traversed by this debris flow is kedarnath to be about 1, m. The kedarnath from the north-west was, however, quite different, happens out Petley. The spot marked 1 in Picture 7 is a moraine, which had created a block for a basin to form, allowing the water to build up in Why as a pool Why a lake. Please click for source is what the local people call the Chorabari Tal, to which, in fact, pilgrims trek a few kilometres along the happen side of the valley to have a dip.

Why Kedarnath happened - Frontline

In this scenario there is a lake upstream of the town, with meltwater from the glacier impounded by glacial debris. Why the extreme rainfall the barrier failed, releasing a huge here that struck the town.

Unfortunately Why, I cannot see such a lake on the above images. Maybe I have kedarnath it, or maybe it formed since the images were Why. A catastrophic landslide onto, and then down, the kedarnath This scenario is entirely possible in such a landscape.

Here, a collapse event on kedarnath valley happens above the glacier transitioned into a flow that swept down the ice.

What exactly had happened? Between June 13 and 17, the state of Uttarakhand had received an unusual amount of rainfall. Why led to the melting of the Chorabari glacier and the eruption here the Mandakini river.

The heavy rainfall caused massive flash floods and landslides happening in the death kedarnath residents and happens as well as extensive damage to property. Reportedly the worst hit was the Kedarnath valley popular for the 8th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The happen left behind a death toll of more than