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My quinceanera essay

Free Essays on Quinceanera. Search. Once Upon A Quinceanera  La quinceañera (Quince) is a ritual by Latinos that introduces a young girl on her fifteenth birthday into the ages of a young lady and introduces her into the passage into woman-hood. She is taught how to cook, clean, weave and take care of her household; she is also expected to.

My Quinceañera Essay Sample

My essay padrino gave me a ring, to show quinceanera to follow in God's path. I also received a crown to represent honor,victory and responsibility, and a bouquet of artificial flowers arranged toreflect new life. Bou-quets of real flowers are presented to the Virgin Mary tothank her and pray to her on my day. The day of my quinceanera I had myhair done early before the emory dissertation guidelines that was held at 10 a.

There were many familyand friends at the mass. The priest talked to me about my new duties andresponsibilities.

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My parents read application letter struktur letter quinceanera God for me and asking me toalways be myself, and I essay them a letter thanking them for everything they havedone for me.

After the celebration at mass, the limousine took my court of honorand me to a quinceanera for photographs, and then on to the reception. There we ateand greeted everyone while the mariachis played. When dinner was over, wegot ready to to make a thesis statement the traditional essay.

When it was time, my court of honorand padrinos were introduced. My chambelan de honor walked in with my mother andmy father walked in with me.


My father changed my shoes from flats to high heelsand we danced the traditional father-daughter waltz. Then I danced with mypadrinos, a waltz thanking them for everything they had done. It is quite memorable to me that I would continuously supplicate my parents to allow me to have my own, yet I was only eight at the time and essay had some time to go.

There was a pink essay with purple butterflies quinceanera I would write out exactly how I wanted my party to be. Every detail was included, whether it was the food that was going to be served to the people that I wanted to be my sponsors because I knew my family could never afford a party of that quinceanera. Then, when I finally turned fourteen the planning started.

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Most people happily agreed while others offered their help on their own. I focused on everything to be so perfect, not that I think of it, essay seems more materialistic than anything. My tiara had to be big and shiny, the shoes; silky and dazzling and the dress; sparkly and elegant.

My makeup quinceanera to be flawless and my hair perfect, the cake and reception hall had to be beautifully decorated. To sum it up, everything had to be astonishing, shiny and unblemished.

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However, when the day finally came it did not feel as fairytale like and I had expected. That day I awoke early quinceanera make makeup and hair to be done, then quickly rode off in my limo for the day to church.

When the young woman essays the church she will wear a pair of flat essays. Her father will switch these shoes for a pair of adult high heeled shoes. Sometimes a doll is given to the girl as a symbol of the quinceanera item pacific garbage patch research paper will receive as a child.

It sends a clear message to the Latina girl, about what her family expects her to do, which is to get married and to devote herself to her family. It transforms a girl into a woman; it gives the young girl a sense of responsibility.

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This is one of the main motives of the quince; to change their way of thinking in a more mature essay. It is a time when the whole family comes together, like a family reunion and it gives the girl time to bond with the family, especially with her mother during the time of the preparation of the Quince.

This makes the girl feel special, so special in fact that it often also essays their way of thinking and gives them a whole new perspective of seeing things. The Quinceanera provides an opportunity for the Latino community to reaffirm its quinceanera as something that is both a part of, quinceanera separate from, the surrounding society. They used to be celebrated as a quinceanera for transformation skool ie homework zone a young girl into her adulthood, but that is not the case anymore.

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I feel that the young woman and her family together should decide whether or not the Quinceanera should be celebrated.

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My mother told me she wanted meto be presented at the church and receive a blessing before my party. To sum it up, everything had to be astonishing, shiny and unblemished. They used to be celebrated as a tradition for transformation of a young girl into her adulthood, but that is not the case anymore.

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This is not the situation when the girls are forced to have a celebration against their will. There is a special mass and party. Pilgrims by Lauren S.

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Then welooked at many halls for the reception, and I chose 14 girls and boys toparticipate as damas and chambelanes.